Orchard Beachbeach was once considered “The Riviera of New York City.” Over the last few decades,  it’s been known more for its trash, unpleasant smell, and dirty water than it is the only beach in The Bronx. Over the last few years, that perspective is changing again, however. That can be credited to  J. Lo‘s famous return to the Bronx in 2014, where she performed on the beach and brought out Fat Joe & Ja Rule and to the Borough President’s office hard work of producing more family-friendly events, such as the Summer Music 2017 event and the Bronx Concert Summer Series.


BeachBut is it enough to change the minds of people who vowed they would never step foot there? No, that’s what heroes are for. That’s why we called our favorite hero, Richard Washington (aka HQ)  to throw his suit back on and take his unknown powers down to the beach and speed up the clean-up process. We were all surprised when he found the new special power of… SALSA!