About 3 weeks ago, we posted our “Keep Ignoring Us”  video to facebook. It went fucking viral and honestly, we couldn’t believe it.

This shitty (and I mean shitty) video accumulated a reach of about 110,000 and 30,000 views on facebook in that period.  

So what was it about the video that attracted such a mass viewership? Was it the unbalanced audio quality placing Tyler’s vocals all the way to the left? Was it the “hideous” soundtrack in the background?  Oh I know, It was definitely the way our visual quality turned Tyler green like he’s about to go Hulk!


What compels our viewers to stay awhile is what we at theBlox are bringing to you; quality content. And as Bill Gates said, “Content is king.”

We at theBlox are a growing company, and while on the surface we may be lacking finances, high profile networks, and better sound equipment, we come in clutch with all the things the Bronx needs, quality creativity, proving yet again that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

But hey, maybe that’s what makes us the best fit for who reps the Bronx. It’s a borough that on the surface is “unfriendly”,  struggling, and even ghetto. Yet once you’ve entered, The Bronx has a whole culture to offer. The Bronx has so much more to offer than its Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Yankee Stadium. With authentic oDminican cuisine such as La Caridad on Kingsbridge Rd, Sam’s Soul Food on the Grand Concourse, and of course the famous Sin City Cabaret Bar here in the South Bronx, it’s hard to describe the Bronx as anything but LIT.

“Too many are quick to critique the Bronx for its unwelcoming appearance, but who’s down to help?”

At theBlox, we’re dedicated to bringing out the best of the Bronx, its people, and its community. Bringing it all together over the love of bodegas, hookah bars, chopped cheese, and the freaking Yankees! We’re media you can rely on to bring you the honest perspective of the BX. This is not that tired old “hood” bs, this is a thriving culture, with a thriving community. Oh, and crea-freakin-tivity.

While media outlets like Spoiled NYC, Thrillist and even the NY Times preach false narratives and undervalue our home, remember that theBlox is here for the Bronx; our borough, our people, our way.

And it case you didn’t catch it, we’ve debunked yet another myth about The Bronx in our follow up video “Broke But Not Broken”. Just because you are broke, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not smart with money.