How do you celebrate the end of an era of rock & roll, underage drinking, sex on the dance-floor and kids from Long Island tripping balls, aka every Thursday at Webster Hall? MORE DRUGS, DRINKING & TRYING TO GET LAID, OF COURSE!!!  

Webster Hall Action BronsonOh, and you invite Action Bronson “and friends” out too. Blox.NYC headed to the famous independent nightclub, Webster Hall, for its final show. The day may have been the ”End of an Era” but it didn’t play out too different than any other day at the venue. Kids stood on line drinking four lokos, tripping off of mushrooms and trying to cop coke in the middle of the afternoon. #TypicalNYCshit.  There was no Jay-Z appearance like some concertgoers hoped for. No mob of people chasing down Kanye West’s car as he passed by the venue either. Just one final night of hooking up with strangers and making new stories with friends. And trust us, we got some stories!!



Webster Hall Action BronsonAction Bronson’s friends turned out to be, Florida rapper “Wifisfuneral,” who opened up the show. He also brought out “F*ck That’s Delicious” co-star, Mayhem Lauren and Shady Record’s newest signee’s Conway & Westside Gunn. No Kanye but satisfying, to say the least.  We bid you farewell Webster Hall! Everybody in NYC has a story about not making the best decisions in your quarters, and if they don’t, they’re part of the reason you’re gone.