We give you $10 and 90 seconds to grab your favorite bodega nick nacks – GO!!!!!
What would you get?

So, for all curious non-New Yorkers: Bodega is a Spanish word translating to “warehouse” or “cellar,” but in New York and other cities, it’s a colloquialism for a type of grocery/convenience store. While no longer exclusively associated with Spanish-speaking owners, the name has stuck.

Still, a bodega is different from a deli, which revolves around a sandwich counter, and it’s different from a corner grocer. (It’s also common for them to have beloved pet cats that have attracted their own fame.)

So when store owners from Yemen led a strike in response to their country’s inclusion among seven Muslim-majority countries whose refugees are now banned from entering the country for 90 days, New Yorkers looking for a snack at their convenient neighborhood shop were met with signs like this.