It’s not always good to be the first. But, when it comes to media, it usually is. The Blox team, 'AKA media mavericks with cheek', has been the first when it comes to being a creative force in modern digital media in The Bronx, New York. The first to introduce a barrage of videos on various topics and with local talent. The first to present motion graphics, green screen shenanigans, and run & gun style of filming. The first to go live on social media and the first to be live on FB for 24-hours. We were the first, and still the only, to push the envelope with disruptive content that represents the local demographics by, well, telling it like it is. We’re also the first to use conceptualized creative content to promote businesses, organizations, and events.

We see you following our steps, wink wink.

Do you think super creative videos, edgy graphic campaign, and ballsy activations, all created by local talent is going to be useful in promoting your interest? Well, first of all - YES! But, since you asked; Here’s a case study from our collaboration with The Bronx Brewery on the Summer Done Right event series in July-august 2017.

The conversation with the marketing team at the Brewery revealed the need to je ne sais quoi - more Bronxness and more revenue. So the way we approached that was by addressing the following:

  1. Increase pre-sale numbers
  2. Increase participation & engagement
  3. Be clear on the details by addressing issues such as commute and ticket price
  4. Enhance diversity and no pretentiousness
  5. Blast up the Dope level AF
  6. Introduce top level local talent
  7. Bring top local vendors

The good people at The Bronx Brewery are great partners, and once the ‘story’ was in line with their M.O, they had an entirely open mind on our unique ‘BLOX’ style of execution. And, so it begins. (the below is a mere selection - we've actually made more than 20 videos, created over 150 graphics, and took more than 3000 pictures.)

Tae Does it right from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Percocet from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Future BXB from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Basta does Summer Right from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Bxb Harlem from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Dj Menyu from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Lord finesse from Round Seven on Vimeo.

2nds from Round Seven on Vimeo.








In conclusion. Know the value of BRANDED CONTENT, and make sure to upgrade your online visibility. And, hit us up for GOOD TIMES...




Twenty Bruckner BoulevardBRUCKNER, a former ice-factory, is a 168,000 square foot building located along Mott Haven’s waterfront. Most of us recognize it by the 8,000-square-foot billboard that sits on its rooftop, which now features signage for iHeartRadio. While many of us have stared directly at the monumental billboard, few have ever had the chance to look inside – until now.


The former factory is being meticulously renovated and restored as a unique state-of-the-art commercial space. Many of its important details are being preserved, including its terra-cotta arches and cast iron columns, 20-foot ceilings, and 20-foot windows and of course sweeping panoramic views of the city seen from two penthouses and rooftop.

BRUCKNER“Twenty Bruckner Boulevard is part of New York’s history, and it was important for us to preserve all of the details that make it so unique. This building has stood in the community for more than 100-years – multiple generations held a wide variety of jobs here. We hope it will be part of the next generation’s legacy here in the Bronx,” said the developer, Jorge Madruga of MADD Equities. 


The developer will have the building stabilized and built out as a "vanilla-box" -- or in the case of 20 Bruckner Boulevard a "brick-box" by the end of the year. Tenants will then be able to commence their fit-outs. A vast number of tenants are already interested in the space from a variety of industries including entertainment, technology, and education.




Watch Bronx Historian Lloyd Ultan talks to BLOX.NYC about the famous building.


Yo, Who would win?

Really? Let's see what people in BK think.

We took a day trip to Brooklyn to ask people some easy* questions. Well, not that easy.


If you live in the Bronx, you might be a Yankees fan. And with the transfer deadline buzzer, you must be thrilled to have scored arguably the most valuable player available - right-handed starter - Sonny Gray of Oakland for a trio of prospects.

o be ab Gray, an undersized 27-year-old who was an All-Star in 2015, has been an excellent starter for the bulk of his four years in the Majors. Whether or not Gray leads the Yankees to glory, his acquisition underscores GM Brian Cashman’s masterstroke of a youth movement. Handcuffed by big contracts just a few seasons ago, the club made a series of shrewd deals to unload veterans and, in the process, collected enough in terms of young talent tle to swing deals like this one without gutting their organizational depth

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