Yesterday, Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis along with the N.A.A.C.P. (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) announced they would not attend Saturday’s opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, citing the attendance of President Trump. Lewis in a press statement said, “Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum. The struggles represented in this museum exemplify the truth of what really happened in Mississippi. President Trump disparaging comments about women, the disabled, immigrants and National Football League players disrespect the efforts of Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry, Medgar Evers, Robert Clark, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwener and countless others who have given their all for Mississippi to be a better place.” The images of historical figures are essential in the public content they’re presented within. Why is Martin Luther King Jr.’s bust still in President Trump’s Oval Office? The MLK bust has no place in President Trump’s Oval Office. Our societal simplicity of history has led to a misrepresentation of historical figures which have consequences on our interpretation of the present.

For starters, Americans lack an understanding of basic history. In 2016, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni studied the inclusion of American history in the curricula of the leading colleges and universities in the United States, which revealed startling facts. The study found that only about half of the students at the top 50 colleges and universities could identify the purpose of The Federalist Papers, and 22 percent knew that the phrase, “government of the people, by the people, for the people” could be found in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. What this means is that you can get away with an image of almost anything in American history. That leads me to the conflict of placing Dr. King’s bust in the White House.

Dr. King is one of the most significant figures in American history.  However, he was an activist who fought against the systems of oppositions and war. Placing the bust in the Oval Office is a misrepresentation and disservice to his role in history.  His bust also should not have been in the Oval Office, during Obama's presidency when drone strikes were occurring. However, it has no the business there today with a President who entertains hateful forces of violence, sexism, racism, homophobia on a daily basis. Along with disregarding basic democratic norms of a healthy democracy. We have to protect the legacy of our historical figures in society.


Dear Bronxites. Say goodbye to many of your favorite organizations, likely to be shut down in the next few rounds of fundraising, most of which support the youth, the arts, and those who are destitute.

The lengths of dubiousness which the GOP has gone into getting this bill passed makes it clear; Congress is gambling with the lives of millions of people who rely on charitable and government social services by increasing the deficit to fund tax cuts.

The elimination of the charitable deduction for 31 million middle and upper-middle income taxpayers causes such damage to the not for profit sector; it will have no choice but to oppose the bill.

Because the bill increases the standard deduction, fewer people would take the itemized deduction for charitable contributions which would lead to a decline in charitable giving.
Charities had pushed for people to be able to deduct their donations regardless of whether they itemize. While some GOP lawmakers took up their cause, a universal charitable deduction was not included in the bill.
When Trump ran on DRAINING THE SWAMP, did you know he was talking about us????

nuclear war



This year, North Korea has already fired 18 missiles tests, and responses from Trump have been filled with threats and aggression. So, ya know what that means? We're fucked! It's time to grab your water canteens, ponchos, and hatchets before impending nuclear war turns life, as we know it, into a Book Of Eli - Mad Max sequel

So how does one go about creating a nuclear survival kit? What are the priorities? Does one only pack survival tools or pack a batch of items that bring joy while on the dusted roads? What's more important: having a large bag of necessities or traveling light? We're not sure, so we created a list of 20 possible items and asked New Yorkers to choose the five they NEEDED to have with them.

Our list:

  • Condoms
    • Cause who wants to bring more children into this world.
  • Game of Thrones (Book series)
    • Cause when else are you going to have the time to read it?
  • Solar panel underwear
    •  Cause you need energy in all the right places.
  • Fidget spinners  
    • Just cause.
  • Noise canceling headphones 
    • Cause you’ll need something to help ignore your family in that closed off bunker.
  • Reusable toilet paper
    • Cause when the world goes to shit...
  • Nail Clipper 
    • Cause society is over, but you’re not an animal.
  • Porn Playing Cards
    • Cause sometimes you need to play while you play.
  • Permanent Markers.
    • Cause ya know.. They smell nice.
  • Spam
    • Cause what other foods will survive the apocalypse.
  • Astronaut/Space Food
    • Cause astronauts know how to survive.
  • ToothBrush + Toothpaste Kit -
    • Cause ya breath stinks.
  • Machete
    • Cause it’s the quintessential Apocalypse item.
  • Water Purifier
    • Cause clear water is the quintessential life item.
  • Rope 
    • Cause whether, for fun or hobby, you’ll need to tie something up.
  • Needle & Thread
    • Cause clothes, and skin.
  • Coffee
    • Cause even at the end of the world; you need Bustelo.
  • Butane Stove
    • Cause hot food bro!
  • Flares
    • Cause if there is any chance of being found, this is it.
  • Band-Aids
    • Cause I’m stuck on Band-aids and Band-aids stuck on me.

What's in your kit?


Even if you're knee deep into the current events happening in our country; it's hard to keep up. From Russia to North Korea to Charlottesville: more is going on than can be digested at a reasonable rate. The toddler-like attention span of President Trump and the media doesn't help the situation. We are here to help, however.


Recently, The New York Times published a draft report by scientists of 13 federal agencies concluding that Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change. DUH!!!! The extinction of our favorite seasons of "spring" and "fall" has been proof that the patterns of the world's temperature is changing...rapidly.

But do most people have the ability to explain what global warming is and why it's detrimental to our planet's future🤔? Doubt it😁. If you are one of the few people who saw An Inconvenient Truth and therefore, understand the changes occurring. Are you savvy enough to explain it to your uninformed elders? How about the herds of naysayers sitting on your friend's list? If your response is no - don't fret, big-little brother, pSwitch sat down and explained all the science, in a "slightly scientific way." Now, you can skip the research process and get right to tagging your friends.

Moral of the story: CLIMATE CHANGE! BAD!!

Maybe if the report explained it in a language that our President could understand, he'd finally acknowledge the facts.trump


A Super Merger, A Killer Deal

By Lianna Remigio
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A couple weeks ago, the “Cheeto-in-Chief” allowed the merger of the largest food & drug conglomerates in the world. This mega deal may reshape the world's food supply, and may kill us.

Bayer, the go to aspirin brand, is a global powerhouse in the pharmaceutical industry that is going to take over Monsanto in a $66 billion deal.

Most people remember Monsanto as the evil GMO food corporation from the documentary “Food Inc” which exposes the unethical business practices of corporate food farming. It is currently the leading producer of genetically modified seeds and herbicides.

The corporation is no stranger to legal troubles. It is currently involved in a lawsuit filed by a group of farmers alleging that glyphosate — the main ingredient in the household herbicide, RoundUp — caused their cancer. Glyphosate has also been linked to the Zika virus. Things got worse when a California lawsuit revealed that Monsanto had doctored the science of a study to prevent the U.S. Government from assessing its product’s safety.

With the Don’s blessing, the merged corporation now owns about 29% of the global seed market and 25% of the global pesticide market treading the narrow edge of being a trust/ ”agribusiness”

[blockquote author="" link="" target="_blank"]But how does this merger really threaten the Bronx?[/blockquote]

Believe it or not, our borough ranks dead last in New York state for health. With fast food and junk food on every corner low income communities tend to be the biggest consumers of fast food and the smallest consumers of organic foods.

But that’s not necessarily our fault. Not only is it difficult to find healthy options in Bronx but it’s even harder to afford it. The average price for a family sized bag of chips is around $3.50 versus price of a bag of apples, $4.44. Often times for a low income family, it’s just more cost effective to buy McDonald’s a couple times a week rather than buy the ingredients to cook a meal. Most often, the price of organic and GMO free foods is way out the budget for these families, and are forced to go to the alternative, and cheaper route of Monsanto made goods.

[blockquote author="" link="" target="_blank"]What can we do?[/blockquote]


It’s scary to think that a company like Monsanto could mislead it’s consumers and exploit customer finances for their own profit. Now, with this merger, the company has even more money to avoid legal troubles and continue their shady practices (under a new name).

But we in the Bronx can protect ourselves. Many people are unaware that most local Farmers markets accept EBT and WIC as payment for their produce. Shopping at a farmers market is a great way to make safe food choices for our bodies.

Visit your local farmer's market soon and protect yourself from this “killer deal”.


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Snoop Dogg launch the video for "Lavender Remix" where he express opinions against Police Brutality and Trump Administration.