Dear Bronxites. Say goodbye to many of your favorite organizations, likely to be shut down in the next few rounds of fundraising, most of which support the youth, the arts, and those who are destitute.

The lengths of dubiousness which the GOP has gone into getting this bill passed makes it clear; Congress is gambling with the lives of millions of people who rely on charitable and government social services by increasing the deficit to fund tax cuts.

The elimination of the charitable deduction for 31 million middle and upper-middle income taxpayers causes such damage to the not for profit sector; it will have no choice but to oppose the bill.

Because the bill increases the standard deduction, fewer people would take the itemized deduction for charitable contributions which would lead to a decline in charitable giving.
Charities had pushed for people to be able to deduct their donations regardless of whether they itemize. While some GOP lawmakers took up their cause, a universal charitable deduction was not included in the bill.
When Trump ran on DRAINING THE SWAMP, did you know he was talking about us????


parisWith the assistance of Bronx Tour Guide Alexandra Maruri, International photographer Matteo Pellegrinuzzi visited The Bronx this week and held a three-day exhibit at The Bronx Draft House. The Bronx/La Villette is a series of photos comparing two places with historical significance, The Bronx New York, and his neighborhood La Villette, Paris. In attendance were some notable personalities such as film director Sara Grimaldi, actor Holt McCallany, and photographer Robert Whitman.

With internationally acclaimed photographers holding exhibits in The Bronx, the expansion of The Bronx Museum, street artists getting national attention, and the increase in tourism, it is evident that The Bronx is shedding the negative stigma and our best days are ahead. Alexandra tells me, "From negative media attention and a lack of information there is a misconception about The Bronx. It is viewed as this dangerous place. This exhibit aimed to highlight the diversity of The Bronx and show everyday people from a local's perspective." Alexandra introduced me to Matteo who was kind enough to speak with me about his experience in The Bronx and more.



parisHow did The Bronx/La Villette exhibit come about? I met Alexandra Maruri 2 years ago. She appreciated my work, and she told me about her tourism business. She asked if she could show me around The Bronx to meet the locals and take portraits of them. I shot them with a film camera and developed them four months later. When I showed the results to the director of The Public Library of Paris, he proposed I expose the portraits during the “Paris-New York” month and suggested I make a comparison with La Villette, the neighborhood where I live.

You visited The Bronx before, but what are your impressions of what you’ve seen and who you have met thus far? I’ve been here once before when I met Alex, when I was on my own I just walked around and visited the borough.


What are the similarities between The Bronx and La Villette?  La Villette is part of the 19th district. 20 years ago the neighborhood was the center of a crack epidemic, and because of this, there was a continuing conflict with urban gangs. Houses weren’t easily rented or sold because of these problems. Just like the South Bronx, the neighborhood was seen to strangers as a “No Go Zone.” FOX News depicted the neighborhood this way after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Several years before the terrorists lived in the neighborhood. In reality, it is very fashionable, more and more Parisians go out at night, and new bars most of them organic, keep opening. The local City Hall has made a policy of aperture to improve the image of La Villette ultimately. The idea is to improve the quality of life for Parisians and attract more tourists. Many events are held there including the Parisian Summer beach which attracts Parisians from throughout the city.


parisHow can a city draw recognition for its art culture? Would you encourage local artists to try and attract people from outside their important city to come and visit?  I think a city can be recognized from its architecture which is an art form. The South Bronx is a street artist neighborhood. I met Sin Xero and Sexer for instance. Their artwork has definitely changed the decoration of the district. In Paris, such artists as Dacruz, Marko 93, and Art of Popof spread their art on several walls in La Villette, and on the wall of the old rail road on Rue de L’Ourcq which is starting to become a destination for Parisians and tourists. Art buildings such as the 104 and activities organized by the public libraries attract people from the outside and help the development of the district.



parisWhen you return home, and someone asks “What is The Bronx like?” What would you tell them? In Europe people used to say “I’m going to The Bronx” when they were going to a messy or dangerous zone. When I talk to people about my travels in NYC, it's hard to change their mind and prejudice. But I describe The Bronx as an attractive part of the city that deserves a visit and which is not as dangerous as they think.

What is your next exhibit? I will make an interactive exhibit at the public library of the 19th district in November through December. It will be a wet plate collodion series; I will realize the portraits with the support of the inhabitants who will learn this technique of photography, created in 1850.



About Matteo Pellegrinuzzi: Mr. Pellegrinuzzi studied History of Cinema at the University of Pavia in Italy. He has made contributions as a cameraman and cinematographer since 2005. His work has been published in numerous international newspapers and magazines. Follow him on Instagram @pelligrinuzzi

About Alexandra Maruri: Ms. Maruri has been a Bronx tour guide and small business owner since 2011. Growing up and living near historic landmarks such as Yankee Stadium, Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, and Woodlawn Cemetery shaped her interest in Bronx history. She hopes her tours help improve the borough's image. You can follow Ms. Maruri on Instagram @bronxtours



Our planet has experienced defeats: Donald Trump planning to ban the DACA program, Labor Day weekend claims eight lives- Chicago (7) and New York (1) and death toll rise due from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, destroying Texas last weekend. The category four hurricane made its August 25 arrival and landfall occurred the next day, the 26th. A possible event coming out from the eruption of natural disasters and catastrophe, the view of  2017 Solar Eclipse appeared August 21, 2017, for approximately from three to four hours varying from each continent.

Capture of Solar Eclipse 2017










The view of the Solar Eclipse was the main topic of conversation on all social media outlets for the past two weeks until the news of hurricane season.


Hurricane Season

The comfortable seasons of Summer and Fall are indeed joyful but it's also the season for natural disasters to arrive. A total of six hurricanes have occurred from the Atlantic this year: Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia . The three musketeers: Harvey, Irma and Katia are powerful, causing millions of dollars of damages, death and chaos throughout the North and South American continents.

Hurricane Harvey- August 25-28

The storm started a slow approach as a brief tropical storm. The Weather Channel reports:

Aug. 17- That disturbance finally formed into Tropical Storm Harvey east of the Lesser Antilles. Those islands experienced locally heavy rain and gusty winds as Harvey passed through.

Aug. 19- Harvey succumbed to dry air and unfavorable winds aloft in the eastern Caribbean, and the National Hurricane Center ceased advisories.


Aug. 23-The remnants of Harvey continued to push northwest for several days and eventually crossed Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Once its remnants moved back over water in the southwest Gulf of Mexico, Harvey quickly reformed into a tropical depression.

Aug. 25- In just 56 hours, Harvey grew from a regenerated tropical depression over the Gulf of Mexico into a Category 4 hurricane as it made landfall near the Texas Gulf Coast.

Aug. 25 continued: Rockport, a town of fewer than 10,000 people and about 30 miles up the Texas coast from Corpus Christi. Maximum sustained winds in Harvey's eyeball were 130 mph at that time, making it a Category 4, Harvey was the nation's first major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricane landfall since Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in October 2005, an almost 12-year run. It was the slow movement from Aug. 26-30 that led to the catastrophic flooding that was observed in southeast Texas.

Aftermath of Harvey


Volunteers save dog from Hurricane Harvey floods

This overview of this reported was surprising and devastating. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey left Houston underwater with 70 billion dollar damages, abandoned/sacred animals and 65 lives perished including: A texas mom, 41 year old Beaumont resident saved infant daughter from Harvey's flood on the interstate. A family suffers a loss: the family of late Tejano singer Selena also perished in Harvey waters.  Manuel Saldivar, 84, his spouse Belia, 81, and great-grandchildren Devy Saldivar, 16, Dominique Saldivar, 14, Xavier Saldivar, 8 and Daisy Saldivar, 6 died as they were swept away by flood waters . Manuel's son, Sammy Saldivar, was the only person to survive the attempt to seek higher ground during the flooding. This is a tragedy.


Hurricane Irma September 6- Present

Another hurricane, Category 5 Irma made its way towards the Caribbean. This past Wednesday, the female hurricane ripped through the small island of Barbuda located by Antigua, killing a two-year old and destroying the entire island. Yesterday, Irma headed up north to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, leaving millions without power and damaged homes. This weekend, Hurricane Irma will be heading for its target, Florida increasing havoc and paranoia among the residents. Hurricane Irma is expecting to hit Florida on Saturday.


Governor Rick Scott on Hurricane Irma: "This thing's coming; It looks like it's going to go right through the middle of our state."

Florida Governor Scott's calls a state of emergency 

Hurricanes Jose and Katia

As Hurricane Irma is actively bringing destruction up North, two more Hurricanes will be a problem. Hurricanes Jose and Katia follow closely behind Irma to join in on the pathway to destruction. Radar and news all over are keeping track of their whereabouts.

Hurricane Jose- CNN reports: Hurricane Jose strengthened to an "hazardous" Category 4 storm Friday, with maximum sustained winds near 150 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. Jose will make landfall this weekend, following Irma's path.

Hurricane Katia- The current category 1 hurricane slowly reaches into the Gulf of Mexico. An update from U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC):  By mid-morning, Katia was 160 miles (255 km) east of the port of Tampico, with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph (155 km per hour), making the storm a Category 2 hurricane.

What's causing this Mayhem?

Discipline Luke

Many people including myself ask this question: Why is this happening? Three Hurricanes happening all at once? Some people believe the new testament verse: 21:25-26



"We want to be the compass that helps men of color navigate those journeys.” Jason Rosario stated in an interview with this past June. He was explaining  the impact  a lack of authenticity and vulnerability in a digital landscape had had on men of color and how he's like to counteract it. It's a perfect sentence to summarize the intention of The Lives of Men, an integrated media + lifestyle website, founded by Jason, this past January. Their intention is to focus on chronicling positive and diverse stories of men in color.

The Lives of Men

As the oldest of 5 children, raised by a single mother in the Bronx, Jason has always been a leader and he's now utilizing those skills to help lead the next generation of young men. He hopes the website can serve inspiration and instruction while providing tools not afforded to him while growing up. The website's name symbolizes the complexity of being a back man in America in 2017.  Jason stresses the importance of featuring stories as diverse as the variety of experiences of all men of color and the importance of men being self-aware and in tune with their emotions in an environment that is inclusive to women and the LGBTQ community.





The Lives of MenSo what's on the mind of a black man who has dedicated himself to improving the perception of men of color in a racially tense America in 2017? We asked him. His response: Jay-Z's "4:44" and letting go "because at the end of the day, shit is not that serious."


Check out The Lives of Men and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



A helpful tip for NYC students to start the school year off on the right foot. The first week of school every year is full of mixed feelings: anxiety, curiously and excitement trying to overcome homework and classroom setbacks. Carmen Fariña, the NYC Chancellor of 1,600 schools, proposed wise tips for parents and students while saddling up the months of school ahead. News 12 Bronx interviewed the longtime educator, capturing her smooth approach of steps to having a stellar school year. Fariña, mother, and grandmother persist on the first day of school; parents should take their child to school despite their age. She explains the importance of parents taking their child to school, "Why not if your child knows your leaving them in a place you respect and thing its a good thing, that's fabulous." Ending her interview, she told News 12 Bronx reporter Krissy Reader: "Going to school can be fun, but if you don't go to school, the rest of your life won't be fulfilling."

Click to view Farnia's News 12 Bronx interview
Taking the initiative to go to school and receiving an education is challenging but rewarding. It's been two years since I have graduated with bachelors from college. Educators including Fariña who deliver their compassion and wisdom to help students achieve greatness is a plus.

To more words of wisdom from NYC Chancellor Carmen Fariña, click this video below:




DrafthouseWhat are the two things that The Bronx & Paris have in common? Being notoriously known for a variety of exceptional foods and inspiring art. This Wednesday, the worlds will collide at The Bronx Drafthouse, a local bar/restaurant located up the block from Yankee Stadium, known for its craft beer, burgers, and delicious sides. The drafthouse will be hosting a meet and greet with the international photographer, Matteo Pellegrinuzzi and feature his "The Bronx/ La Villette" exhibit.




MatteoMatteo is a Paris-based still photographer whose work has been featured throughout France and Italy, alike. In his newest exhibit, he created a series of photos featuring local people from both The Bronx and La Vilette in Paris. The images give a glimpse into the contrast of cultures, traditions, and histories of the world-renowned locations.

The exhibit opens on Wednesday, September 6th, at 5 pm and will offer a unique menu that represents both of the photographed locations:

The Bronx: Bronx Burger & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax

Paris: Croque Monsieur & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax


Stop by The Bronx Drafthouse for an evening of art, food, beer and cultural fusion.

The Bronx Draft HouseMatteo Pellagrinuzzi


The Bronx Art Space is a Non-for-Profit that promotes the innovative ideas of underrepresented and emerging artists and curators. It is dedicated to exhibiting quality artwork from The Bronx and around the world with a mission to foster dialogue around global issues.



A three-venue exhibition between Andrew Freedman Home, BronxArtSpace and Swing Space, STATE PROPERTY is a multi-disciplinary examination of American consumption of prison labor and our daily choices to purchase, condone or reject goods created in penitentiaries. The exhibition asks guests to consider what “Made in the U.S.A” currently means about the incarceration system and corporate outsourcing. Currency and choice are the springboards towards a much deeper dialogue that recognizes these injustices.


Opening Receptions

Sep 8, 6-9pm at BronxArtSpace

Sep 15, 6-8 at Swing Space

Sep 22, 6-11pm at The Andrew Freedman Home


STATE PROPERTY describes a citizen that once incarcerated is inspected, cataloged, housed, and assigned to the state as its property like a slave whose body if damaged or altered from its original value is further financially penalized.

STATE PROPERTY also describes all goods manufactured in correctional facilities and government land and buildings from courthouses to public housing, in which many of these products from furniture to mops are then used.

When major corporations can buy into this labor system as a way of appealing to the “locally owned, locally grown” fad, the prison industrial complex pins inmates into either forced labor as a means to pay back the cost of their incarceration or solitary confinement as punishment. Prisoners provide luxury and everyday items that they cannot partake in, while taxpayers provide for the upkeep of prisons. As incarceration rates grow exponentially, taxpayer money is transferred from poor minority communities to white rural counties to reject these drastic shifts in population.

The boundaries that are challenged between product, services, and citizenry are intentionally blurred by the artists forcing us to question how we define ourselves and personal ethics within our social system.

Touching upon a narrative that categorizes people of color as property, STATE PROPERTY comments on power paradigms that perpetuate today’s socioeconomic tiers, and simultaneously presents a

visual alternative that is more hopeful. Through painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and performance, artists scrutinize mass incarceration, police brutality, class conflict, and racial hierarchy.


More from BAS



Disclaimer: I do not condone being in a situation that requires you to follow the advice of this blurb. And I hope that you will always do the right thing in the case, god forbid, you find yourself in this scenario.


NYC, the Big Apple, is known for many things, compassion isn’t one of them. Mind your damn business is big on that list. Some of Gotham’s Do’s & Don'ts: avoiding eye contact on the subway and streets, continuing to walk no matter what’s going on around you, and never engaging with people doing crazy shit in public, i.e., urinating, soliciting Jesus, talking to themselves or worse, multiple selves.


But compassion is one thing, and hiding a dead body is another; while researching the subject, I found that the primary and obvious qualification for this shady list is that the location should be very isolated or extremely public.


So, while not perfect, here are my top places I’d hide a body if I had too:


  • Lincoln Plaza Cinema - Mostly known for its golden age, mostly Jewish patrons, and the only place in town serving homemade carrot cake and bagels with lox and cream cheese in its concession stand. The theatre also employs the oldest ushers and security guards in the business. You can 'Weekend at Bernie's' it, and no one will notice for a good few days, giving you a chance to get that plastic surgery, buy speedos and permanently move to Aruba.



  • Chinatown - Let's be honest you can pretty much dump anything there- especially your dignity- and it will go unnoticed for weeks. But, since you're down there, going full incognito with brand new Guchi sunglasses, Sefora makeup, Nu Era hat, a Roll-x watch, Supreem box logo tee, and Djordan sneakers that won't break the bank. And, you're just a few minutes away from the Drunken Dumpling- because nothing makes "I fucked up, and I will carry that guilt for the rest of my adult life" feel better than soup dumplings.



  • The L train - Ok, so this is a no brainer. I know. Even before mentioning the inevitable 15 months planned shutdown we are all aware of, two ultimate facts make the L a perfect body-hiding haven: 1. It never runs on schedule - especially on weekends and 2. it's filled with people whose uninterested disposition is notorious for not giving a literal fuck about anything but whatever they care about this week. (unless it's a small thing in some remote area, that no one else knows or cares about and involves making their own butter).



  • A vegan restaurant in the Bronx - The Bronx is number 62 out of 62 counties in NYS with regard to health concerns; a distinct representation of its socio-economical status reflected via food choices and health education. Fried plantains and refried beans don't constitute as veggies, and iceberg lettuce is closer to toilet tissue then greens. There are approximately ten vegan places for a population of 1.5 million, serving tourists and gentrifiers while being yelled at by local bloggers. So leave that pale, rigid corpse seated, no one is gonna know the difference.



  • Staten Island body- We are talking about the entire Borough of Staten Island as a 'shit, what do I do with this body - I think I am gonna dump it in Staten Island' situation. As far as we know, there is no better place to hide a body than right under the nose of a community of cops and gangster wannabes?!  But, if I had to choose one spot it would be a tough choice between these morbid God-forsaken shitholes: the New York City Farm Colony, The Tugboat Graveyard or The West Brighton Houses. Yikes.


So, there, this are my top 5 places (for now)  What other places can you think of? Let me know. Use #hideabodynyc

More in the series: The Knicks Trophy Cabinet, Every Council Member's Office, A bank in East NY



Zaro's Family Bakery. Photo: Zaro's

The Bronx was smiling yesterday morning as news broke out about the world-famous Bakery's return to The Bronx. Their new location will open at 1309 Metropolitan Oval, one store front down from their previous location which is now a Boston Market.

But the news doesn't stop with Zaro's Family Bakery's October surprise for the Bronx. They also announced an expansion of their Port Morris headquarters which will include a retail section. Beginning in the fall of 2018 customers will be able to buy pastries directly from the headquarters in a separate section dedicated to the public. Plans haven't been finalized, so whether or not it will be a full-service bakery remains to be seen. The entrance to their retail section will be along Bruckner Boulevard and open during normal business hours.

The headquarters is a popular site in the neighborhood. You can catch tourists taking pictures in front of the 1 story building's multi colored pattern. In 2014 the Zaros recruited Brooklyn artist R. Nick Kuszyk to decorate the building. It took less than a week and 200 cans of spray paint to complete the mural. Adding a retail section will only enhance its popularity and continue to solidify Port Morris as a major destination in the South Bronx. It is already home to popular local businesses Milk Burger, The Bronx Brewery Port Morris Distillery, the Gun Hill Tavern, and the Bronx Baking Company. In July The Bronx Pulse reported a new office building is currently under construction on 141st street. 


zaro's"We're excited to return to The Bronx to serve the community we love, " said Micheal Zaro. The Bronx is thrilled to have you back. Zaro's Family Bakery is located at 138 Bruckner Blvd. You can follow them at twitter @ZarosBakery and on Instagram @zarosfamilybakery



It’s not always good to be the first. But, when it comes to media, it usually is. The Blox team, 'AKA media mavericks with cheek', has been the first when it comes to being a creative force in modern digital media in The Bronx, New York. The first to introduce a barrage of videos on various topics and with local talent. The first to present motion graphics, green screen shenanigans, and run & gun style of filming. The first to go live on social media and the first to be live on FB for 24-hours. We were the first, and still the only, to push the envelope with disruptive content that represents the local demographics by, well, telling it like it is. We’re also the first to use conceptualized creative content to promote businesses, organizations, and events.

We see you following our steps, wink wink.

Do you think super creative videos, edgy graphic campaign, and ballsy activations, all created by local talent is going to be useful in promoting your interest? Well, first of all - YES! But, since you asked; Here’s a case study from our collaboration with The Bronx Brewery on the Summer Done Right event series in July-august 2017.

The conversation with the marketing team at the Brewery revealed the need to je ne sais quoi - more Bronxness and more revenue. So the way we approached that was by addressing the following:

  1. Increase pre-sale numbers
  2. Increase participation & engagement
  3. Be clear on the details by addressing issues such as commute and ticket price
  4. Enhance diversity and no pretentiousness
  5. Blast up the Dope level AF
  6. Introduce top level local talent
  7. Bring top local vendors

The good people at The Bronx Brewery are great partners, and once the ‘story’ was in line with their M.O, they had an entirely open mind on our unique ‘BLOX’ style of execution. And, so it begins. (the below is a mere selection - we've actually made more than 20 videos, created over 150 graphics, and took more than 3000 pictures.)

Tae Does it right from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Percocet from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Future BXB from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Basta does Summer Right from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Bxb Harlem from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Dj Menyu from Round Seven on Vimeo.

Lord finesse from Round Seven on Vimeo.

2nds from Round Seven on Vimeo.








In conclusion. Know the value of BRANDED CONTENT, and make sure to upgrade your online visibility. And, hit us up for GOOD TIMES...


If you don't know. You ain't from here. The End!




By: Jovanna Romero

A six-way expressway named “The Sheridan Expressway” has now a project of an upcoming infrastructure. The expressway, located in the heart of the South Bronx is under siege of being removed to decrease chaos, pollution and populated issues in nearby sections. Residents are on board of getting rid of the expressway.

On Sunday, July 24, 2017- a reasonable budget for demolishing the Sheridan Expressway will cost 1 million dollars to tear down the one-mile transportation hub. For decades, the accessible travel expansion has served the Manhattan and Long Island locations. Its history expands longer than its mile stretch to NYC.


History & Planning

The highway was completely built in 1963 to give smoother access through the South Bronx, New York City and Long Island sections instead of traveling onto other New York's congested traffic entries (Whitestone, Hutchison and Bronx River Parkway).

According to the New York Times in 1999, the Sheridan Expressway was a waste of construction and caused pollution throughout sections of the expressway- including Hunts Point. The idea of the Sheridan Expressway removal has been transparent until March 2017 when New York City governor, Andrew M. Cuomo decided to take action to dissolve the expressway.

Cuomo’s initial budget: a previous allocation of $97 million, toward the first phase of totaling the cost of a $1.8 billion project. including a added amount of $600 million, to create a boulevard “Sheridan Boulevard” with landscaped medians and at least two crosswalks (McGeehan 2017).

Overall, the project to remove the expressway is not yet scheduled. The construction of demolishing a depending traffic passage is difficult to take apart without back and forth traffic of market distributors and travel commuters migrating between the lower New York City area and tristate.  The majority of New York residents and government are in favor of removing the Sheridan Expressway but some questions will arise: Will traffic become more chaotic after a one-mile cutout from travel commute or prepping better safety of New York becoming less cluttered on highways?  


Did you hear about the Staten Island Dothraki?Neither did we, until we went to Harlem that is.  Our boy sPwitch is still trying to figure out which borough will win in the case of a nuclear war. Do you know? hit us up in the comments and share the love.

A race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors in Essos, the continent to the east of Westeros across the Narrow Sea. They inhabit the vast central plains of Essos, known as the Dothraki sea. Their bond with horses is such that they are said to be born, fight, and die in the saddle.

These warriors are commonly referred to as "horselords". They are also often (and half-derisively) called "screamers", because of their fierce war cries as they charge into battle and raids.[1]


Dothraki Dothraki Dothraki


What's the story behind NYC's biggest feud - the Cuomo - de Blasio beef?

You see it everywhere, Hip Hop, Hollywood., politics, family dinners, you name it. The most trending beef at the moment is McGregor vs. Mayweather but there’s one that affects everything from the schools and education of NYC, to food consumption and solutions to homelessness and infrastructure. 

Recently, tensions settled as the two came together to secure DeBlasio’s mayoral control of city schools; something that looks good on both of their resumes. So while we’re in this resting period, let’s travel through the timeline of The Governor of New York and the Mayor of New York City’s feud for those less familiar.

Beef between mayors and governors has always been an issue, specifically in NY, but now at a time when all liberals should be standing up to Trump, these two are too busy squabbling. 2017 is DeBlasio’s election year while 2018 is Cuomo’s, though the two will be on their best behavior, for now, it’s only a matter of time




Erick Kelly has $10 and 90 seconds - GO!!!!!
What would you get?