The South Bronx is changing. New developments are emerging, and they're bringing an influx of new people with them. A slew of brand new restaurants, a luxury coffee shop, and a hotel have already arrived, and there are a plethora of skyscrapers on the rise. News articles have done their fair share to cover residential fears of gentrification and its effect on the community.

peopleHowever, the South Bronx has been plagued with social issues for decades now, and they haven't stemmed from people beginning to move into the district. Though crime has decreased and there have been signs of positive change, these economic and social challenges have mostly been unaddressed throughout the years.  As self-described content warriors, The Blox TV team grabbed their cameras and a microphone and took to the streets to offer an open platform for residents to express the concerns they face freely. To no surprise, we met individuals of all ages and colors expressing their desire to see improvement in a community full of hope, potential, and strong bonds. Issues that arise include struggles with law enforcement, bad parenting, and a lack of social services for the youth, the mentally ill and those released from prisons.




Get ready for Amazon’s life-size stores- one city at a time.

This past Thursday, the world's biggest site opened a store in the “Big Apple.” Oh, wait! It’s not the only Amazon store. Several stores opened throughout big cities including Seattle, Santa Monica, Boston, Portland, and NYC has been added to the list. The biggest online supplier takes its competitors to new heights. Since its popular debut in 1997, Amazon provides different supplies offered from dealers from around the world and gaining millions of dollars. You can find anything on Jeff Benzos, founder of made the Forbes top 100 for the past decade due to the booming success of his online business.  From 1997 to present, The Seattle Times recorded Amazon’s 2016 revenue of $136 billion, overpowering Google- $89.46 billion and behind Apple with 215.6 billion (Gonzalez 2017).

Amazon is part of our daily routine.

It’s searched engine daily. The website draws young people including myself to find items for the lowest price from different dealers. Tuna Amobi, an analyst from Center for Financial Research and Analysis (CFRA) says, “There’s an opportunity to get their platforms closer to the consumer and interact engage, at a very minimal investment.” (BBC 1 ).  Amazon provides amazing service, savings, and satisfaction among its consumers. The online website is utilized by college students to look and sell textbooks. It also provides different options for shipping and calculations of cost varies from the dealer’s location. Amazon prime a perk for free shipping customers can use on eligible products and able to receive sooner than expected.  Don’t you just love perks? Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial and extends membership of only 99 dollars. Since evolving to multiple stores starting from its first in Seattle 2015, people can’t get enough of Amazon. Amanda Martinez, a 25-year-old NYC native gives deals of the look and feel around Amazon and what it offers.

No one figured Amazon would become a storefront phenomenon.

Beyond great business includes competitors. Many in NYC are on the defense. Leigh Altshuler, the Strand Book store spokesperson throws her two cents in: “We’re not going anywhere. We’re… not just a bookstore, but a culture and a community.” (BBC 2). Based on Google reviews, the Strand Book business is off to a good start with a rating of 4.7 stars. During the grand opening of the NYC store, hundreds of people lined up and spent hours looking at the store's book section. CNN attended the opening and filmed a four-minute video, capturing the expressions and actions of people and tourists walking, glancing, and purchasing books. ( Amazon gave consumers positive effects.  

Now, coming to life through its storefronts and more accessible than ever. The loyalty to customers is expressive through its work and dedication. We all can’t wait to see the brilliant business will venture off to next.


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