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This year, North Korea has already fired 18 missiles tests, and responses from Trump have been filled with threats and aggression. So, ya know what that means? We're fucked! It's time to grab your water canteens, ponchos, and hatchets before impending nuclear war turns life, as we know it, into a Book Of Eli - Mad Max sequel

So how does one go about creating a nuclear survival kit? What are the priorities? Does one only pack survival tools or pack a batch of items that bring joy while on the dusted roads? What's more important: having a large bag of necessities or traveling light? We're not sure, so we created a list of 20 possible items and asked New Yorkers to choose the five they NEEDED to have with them.

Our list:

  • Condoms
    • Cause who wants to bring more children into this world.
  • Game of Thrones (Book series)
    • Cause when else are you going to have the time to read it?
  • Solar panel underwear
    •  Cause you need energy in all the right places.
  • Fidget spinners  
    • Just cause.
  • Noise canceling headphones 
    • Cause you’ll need something to help ignore your family in that closed off bunker.
  • Reusable toilet paper
    • Cause when the world goes to shit...
  • Nail Clipper 
    • Cause society is over, but you’re not an animal.
  • Porn Playing Cards
    • Cause sometimes you need to play while you play.
  • Permanent Markers.
    • Cause ya know.. They smell nice.
  • Spam
    • Cause what other foods will survive the apocalypse.
  • Astronaut/Space Food
    • Cause astronauts know how to survive.
  • ToothBrush + Toothpaste Kit -
    • Cause ya breath stinks.
  • Machete
    • Cause it’s the quintessential Apocalypse item.
  • Water Purifier
    • Cause clear water is the quintessential life item.
  • Rope 
    • Cause whether, for fun or hobby, you’ll need to tie something up.
  • Needle & Thread
    • Cause clothes, and skin.
  • Coffee
    • Cause even at the end of the world; you need Bustelo.
  • Butane Stove
    • Cause hot food bro!
  • Flares
    • Cause if there is any chance of being found, this is it.
  • Band-Aids
    • Cause I’m stuck on Band-aids and Band-aids stuck on me.

What's in your kit?


I love this show. I love everything about it. Well, except for the painfully beautiful Logan Browning aka DWP's weakest link.

The show' creator, the amazing, Justin Simien has created what most filmmakers and show runners only dream of; A perfect multi-perspective piece that includes the only thing that matters in any incident worth writing about - the complete and absolute personal view of each participant. Which is tough, trust me.

The entire season one is crafted in a way that it keeps telling the same story - the black face party - but every time from another character's point of view, and while considering the essence of what makes us do things as human, love, hate, sadness, pressure, pain. The script is just so damn smart and thoughtful, and funny and emotional, and yes, I am jealous.

The acting is pretty fucking fantastic as well! We are talking about a lineup that will make ANY PRIME TIME show, or mega film proud: Brandon P Bell Antoinette RobertsonDeRon HortonJohn Patrick Amedori, Jemar Michael and my favorite -Marque Richardson - all do an amazing job, and I can't wait for their Hollywood take over. 


One other nugget is the fact that Tina Mabry (one of my favorite young directors) and Barry Jenkins (oh, you know, Barry Jenkins) have director credit on a few episode and both leave their distinct footprint though respectful to the piece.

So, what's my problem? Relax. Logan Browning isn't on par with the cast, script or the directors. Sorry, but she isn't. And it's not that I am comparing her to the incomparable Tessa Thompson because I don't. I just didn't believe her acting most of the time. I still binged the show in 2 seating though. The show's creators and Netflix are working on season 2 as we speak, and if they decide to leave Logan as Sam, I hope they'll consider getting her some nonacting lessons.




Marc Maron is a funny guy. His style of uber realistic and dark comedy has been the perfect tone for a generation that has had enough but is, even more, fitting during Trump's America.

The opening bit talks about the day to day news blasts coming from the white house will have you nodding in sad agreement while you'll try laughing. He moves into the 'I am at the age where I only do what I want because I am about to die any minute' and set the grounds to 'remember the time when you realized your dad is an idiot?" and don't even get me started about the -I am over art...

The special is all that you can expect from Maron, a top comedian that is reminiscing the great Carlin with his wittiness and sense of timing. His best trait is the fact that you do believe he is suffering and just waiting to expire while writing his self-observational lazy bits.

I am not sure if I laughed or was just nodding in agreement throughout the Rolling Stones and the hat buying bits.

Watch the trailer here and then watch the full show on Netflix.  Oh,  and twitter that Mofo and give him love.




DrafthouseWhat are the two things that The Bronx & Paris have in common? Being notoriously known for a variety of exceptional foods and inspiring art. This Wednesday, the worlds will collide at The Bronx Drafthouse, a local bar/restaurant located up the block from Yankee Stadium, known for its craft beer, burgers, and delicious sides. The drafthouse will be hosting a meet and greet with the international photographer, Matteo Pellegrinuzzi and feature his "The Bronx/ La Villette" exhibit.




MatteoMatteo is a Paris-based still photographer whose work has been featured throughout France and Italy, alike. In his newest exhibit, he created a series of photos featuring local people from both The Bronx and La Vilette in Paris. The images give a glimpse into the contrast of cultures, traditions, and histories of the world-renowned locations.

The exhibit opens on Wednesday, September 6th, at 5 pm and will offer a unique menu that represents both of the photographed locations:

The Bronx: Bronx Burger & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax

Paris: Croque Monsieur & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax


Stop by The Bronx Drafthouse for an evening of art, food, beer and cultural fusion.

The Bronx Draft HouseMatteo Pellagrinuzzi


The Bronx Art Space is a Non-for-Profit that promotes the innovative ideas of underrepresented and emerging artists and curators. It is dedicated to exhibiting quality artwork from The Bronx and around the world with a mission to foster dialogue around global issues.



A three-venue exhibition between Andrew Freedman Home, BronxArtSpace and Swing Space, STATE PROPERTY is a multi-disciplinary examination of American consumption of prison labor and our daily choices to purchase, condone or reject goods created in penitentiaries. The exhibition asks guests to consider what “Made in the U.S.A” currently means about the incarceration system and corporate outsourcing. Currency and choice are the springboards towards a much deeper dialogue that recognizes these injustices.


Opening Receptions

Sep 8, 6-9pm at BronxArtSpace

Sep 15, 6-8 at Swing Space

Sep 22, 6-11pm at The Andrew Freedman Home


STATE PROPERTY describes a citizen that once incarcerated is inspected, cataloged, housed, and assigned to the state as its property like a slave whose body if damaged or altered from its original value is further financially penalized.

STATE PROPERTY also describes all goods manufactured in correctional facilities and government land and buildings from courthouses to public housing, in which many of these products from furniture to mops are then used.

When major corporations can buy into this labor system as a way of appealing to the “locally owned, locally grown” fad, the prison industrial complex pins inmates into either forced labor as a means to pay back the cost of their incarceration or solitary confinement as punishment. Prisoners provide luxury and everyday items that they cannot partake in, while taxpayers provide for the upkeep of prisons. As incarceration rates grow exponentially, taxpayer money is transferred from poor minority communities to white rural counties to reject these drastic shifts in population.

The boundaries that are challenged between product, services, and citizenry are intentionally blurred by the artists forcing us to question how we define ourselves and personal ethics within our social system.

Touching upon a narrative that categorizes people of color as property, STATE PROPERTY comments on power paradigms that perpetuate today’s socioeconomic tiers, and simultaneously presents a

visual alternative that is more hopeful. Through painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and performance, artists scrutinize mass incarceration, police brutality, class conflict, and racial hierarchy.


More from BAS


Zaro's Family Bakery. Photo: Zaro's

The Bronx was smiling yesterday morning as news broke out about the world-famous Bakery's return to The Bronx. Their new location will open at 1309 Metropolitan Oval, one store front down from their previous location which is now a Boston Market.

But the news doesn't stop with Zaro's Family Bakery's October surprise for the Bronx. They also announced an expansion of their Port Morris headquarters which will include a retail section. Beginning in the fall of 2018 customers will be able to buy pastries directly from the headquarters in a separate section dedicated to the public. Plans haven't been finalized, so whether or not it will be a full-service bakery remains to be seen. The entrance to their retail section will be along Bruckner Boulevard and open during normal business hours.

The headquarters is a popular site in the neighborhood. You can catch tourists taking pictures in front of the 1 story building's multi colored pattern. In 2014 the Zaros recruited Brooklyn artist R. Nick Kuszyk to decorate the building. It took less than a week and 200 cans of spray paint to complete the mural. Adding a retail section will only enhance its popularity and continue to solidify Port Morris as a major destination in the South Bronx. It is already home to popular local businesses Milk Burger, The Bronx Brewery Port Morris Distillery, the Gun Hill Tavern, and the Bronx Baking Company. In July The Bronx Pulse reported a new office building is currently under construction on 141st street. 


zaro's"We're excited to return to The Bronx to serve the community we love, " said Micheal Zaro. The Bronx is thrilled to have you back. Zaro's Family Bakery is located at 138 Bruckner Blvd. You can follow them at twitter @ZarosBakery and on Instagram @zarosfamilybakery



This summer local artist Ronny Quevedo is sharing his studio at BronxArtSpace with 8 teenagers from the Bronx who are redesigning the awning of nearby Oaxaca-Mexican restaurant, La Morada.

While owner Natalia Mendez and son Marco Saavedra review their drafts as they would any design firm’s, they have also agreed to host any programs the students develop that investigate alternatives to gentrification.

(Ronny Quevedo Siembro Una Rosa Blanca Pa’ Ti 2010. Part of a series of screenprints inspired by bodegas as

cultural sites to express identity and social concerns.)

In fact, that was among the reasons why artist Ronny Quevedo reached out to La Morada to participate in the third iteration of his project Higher Sails. Quevedo, who grew up in the Bronx, originally conceived this project while on residency at Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas. His aim was to amplify the resources already in the community by teaching local youth design skills they can use to raise their voice and contribute to their community–—a goal Quevedo knew La Morada would champion.

Thanks to A Blade of Grass, which is funding the 12-week project, Quevedo was able to bring the project back to his own community in the Bronx.

All are welcome to see the preliminary design for La Morada’s awning as well as other new works by Ronny Quevedo and his fellow residents, Erica Bailey, Melissa Calderón, Cheyenne Julien, Joiri Minaya, and Alexis White at Open Studios on August 26, 5-9pm at BronxArtSpace and the Bruckner Building.


For more information, please visit


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Resident culture connoisseur, Richard “HQ” Washington, breaks down last week’s trending topics. Does Chance the Rapper need an intern to hire an intern? Speaking of chance, there’s one more reason to move to Canada, for folks with higher expectations. Find out what we’re talking about and let us know if New York should follow suit...

On our list of ughs, mehs and smh’s, Iron Fist is a contender for the Razzies, Dave Chapelle offends more than the regular amount of people and Tomi Lahren gets 86’d from the Blaze.

And of course, the only natural segway into the slew of news surrounding Big Baby in Office is to highlight a little baby making waves on Instagram. At the rate he’s going DJ Khaled’s son, Ashad could be gearing up to Cheetoh-in-Chief a run for his money in 2020.

So check it out, like, comment, share, and SUBXRIBE to get the latest HOT SPOTS for you a$$!


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