How many times have you heard that The Bronx is the least healthy county in NY? Number 62 out of 62? TOO MANY DAMN TIMES!!!!
And yes, it has everything to do with being the poorest congressional district in the country. Most of the conversation has been about poor food choices, and with the Borough President, Mr. Ruben Diaz Jr. running and initiative #NOT62, there has been a lot more attention to healthy, fresh food options in the Bronx. Enter The Bronx Salad.


But, nutrition is only part of it. What about physical activity? You know, the kind that will burn those healthier choice calories you’ve been eating, raise your heart rate, build muscles, help you focus and sleep better, and possibly help you belong to a new family. Some say, religion.

I am talking about Workout people!
Running, Cycling, Crossfit, Boxing, Kickboxing, Body building, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Kettlebell, Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Football, Chasing buses. Ok, not chasing buses – don’t do that!

We are in a new era, here in The Bronx, and I am not talking about gentrification; a new era where we get more options to move our fries and beer filled bodies en-route to feelbetterville.

Let’s talk: what, where, and who.

Crossfit SobroCROSSFIT SOBRO – the first place to bring CrossFit to The Bronx community. Established in 2013 and located in 229 Bruckner Blvd, Port Morris. They are passionate about improving health and fitness in this community, where it’s still more common to see a fried chicken joint than a vegetable stand. They follow a traditional CrossFit model, no treadmills, no machines, no TVs or mirrors just barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-up rigs and jump ropes; and we run around the block.




Bronx SoleBRONXSOLE – is a free running and walking group founded by Justin Mashia and Pedro Rivera. The duo was upset to learn that the Bronx is the unhealthiest county in New York state, and decided that something must be done to get Bronxites to be more healthy. What is unique about Bronx Sole is they do two historical stops during the run where they introduce Bronxites to a little history about the borough. They currently have a running group, a walk/run group, and a walking group, ages seven to 60 years old. Meet the group every Tuesday at 6 pm by the entrance of Franz Sigel Park on 153rd & Grand Concourse, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



South BoxSOUTH BOX BOXING GYM – SouthBoX is a boxing gym located in Mott Haven, The South Bronx. They combine real boxing workouts, with real boxing trainers, to get our client’s actual results. The trainers lead clients through a fitness experience using “blue collar” boxing training regimens. The Gym was founded by Eric Kelly – 4 times National Amateur Boxing Champion, two times Daily News Golden Glove Champion, Celebrity Trainer, Viral Video Star, and Correspondent for Vice Sports and FanSided. Kelly inspires fighters to become better than yesterday. We teach them that “Hard Work Work…”




Concrete Jungle CROSSFIT CONCRETE JUNGLE is 2,500 square feet of pure fun. “We have invested in the best functional fitness equipment the industry has to offer. Our facility is fully-equipped for our constantly varied whole-body, strength and conditioning workouts. You will be tested mentally and physically every day!” said Chris Provost the General Manager and Head Coach






ILOVEKICKBOXING.COM the national brand incorporates the workouts of professional fighters while making them accessible and fun for all fitness levels. Members perform conditioning drills and kickboxing techniques on heavy bags while passionate instructors motivate them to results based on their personal goals. Owners Dr. Sheetal Deo and husband Sanmeet Deo: “We are proud to be the first pure kickboxing concept in the borough, and look to tackle the current health initiative, by focusing on preventative health measures.”




Bronx Yoga HubBRONX YOGA HUB offers Yoga classes for the South Bronx community. Their Yoga classes are open to all. Yoga can help you get fit, healthy, strong, flexible and help you de-stress after a long day at work in the hustle and bustle of the city. They offer drop in classes and Beginners Yoga Courses, and Pregnancy Yoga in a friendly and supportive environment, whether it be advanced or just beginning you will feel at home!




So there; No excuses. Get your gym outfit, grab a bottle of water and head over one of these spots. You’ll be great. Like really great. Let’s build a new and #FitBronx


And yes. We know the cover isn’t from The Bronx. Ugh…it’s a getting stronger visual people!!