NYCFC choked.There’s no nice way to say it. They choked and allowed four goals at home. Ouch! There have been a lot of comments about the players, managements, and the coaching staff; all have some justification, I’m sure, but the bottom line is, SHIT HAPPENS. Teams get into a bad day, make careless mistakes and before you know it, you lose. We’ve seen it before. Damn, we’ve been there before.
We know that:
1. Yangel Herrera is going to be missed greatly when his loan spell ends, and NYCFC will have the difficult task of replacing him.
2. Pirlo’s body finally realized he has been playing soccer for 30 years straight.
3. NYCFC has not lost two games in a row this season, and the bitter 0-4 will be all forgotten when they beat the Red Bulls come 8/6.


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