A helpful tip for NYC students to start the school year off on the right foot. The first week of school every year is full of mixed feelings: anxiety, curiously and excitement trying to overcome homework and classroom setbacks. Carmen Fariña, the NYC Chancellor of 1,600 schools, proposed wise tips for parents and students while saddling up the months of school ahead. News 12 Bronx interviewed the longtime educator, capturing her smooth approach of steps to having a stellar school year. Fariña, mother, and grandmother persist on the first day of school; parents should take their child to school despite their age. She explains the importance of parents taking their child to school, “Why not if your child knows your leaving them in a place you respect and thing its a good thing, that’s fabulous.” Ending her interview, she told News 12 Bronx reporter Krissy Reader: “Going to school can be fun, but if you don’t go to school, the rest of your life won’t be fulfilling.”

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Taking the initiative to go to school and receiving an education is challenging but rewarding. It’s been two years since I have graduated with bachelors from college. Educators including Fariña who deliver their compassion and wisdom to help students achieve greatness is a plus.

To more words of wisdom from NYC Chancellor Carmen Fariña, click this video below: