(And BTW, Iron Fist Sucks) | Hot Spots


Resident culture connoisseur, Richard “HQ” Washington, breaks down last week’s trending topics. Does Chance the Rapper need an intern to hire an intern? Speaking of chance, there’s one more reason to move to Canada, for folks with higher expectations. Find out what we’re talking about and let us know if New York should follow suit…

On our list of ughs, mehs and smh’s, Iron Fist is a contender for the Razzies, Dave Chapelle offends more than the regular amount of people and Tomi Lahren gets 86’d from the Blaze.

And of course, the only natural segway into the slew of news surrounding Big Baby in Office is to highlight a little baby making waves on Instagram. At the rate he’s going DJ Khaled’s son, Ashad could be gearing up to Cheetoh-in-Chief a run for his money in 2020.

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