Even if you’re knee deep into the current events happening in our country; it’s hard to keep up. From Russia to North Korea to Charlottesville: more is going on than can be digested at a reasonable rate. The toddler-like attention span of President Trump and the media doesn’t help the situation. We are here to help, however.


Recently, The New York Times published a draft report by scientists of 13 federal agencies concluding that Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change. DUH!!!! The extinction of our favorite seasons of “spring” and “fall” has been proof that the patterns of the world’s temperature is changing…rapidly.

But do most people have the ability to explain what global warming is and why it’s detrimental to our planet’s future🤔? Doubt it😁. If you are one of the few people who saw An Inconvenient Truth and therefore, understand the changes occurring. Are you savvy enough to explain it to your uninformed elders? How about the herds of naysayers sitting on your friend’s list? If your response is no – don’t fret, big-little brother, pSwitch sat down and explained all the science, in a “slightly scientific way.” Now, you can skip the research process and get right to tagging your friends.

Moral of the story: CLIMATE CHANGE! BAD!!

Maybe if the report explained it in a language that our President could understand, he’d finally acknowledge the facts.trump