Sammy Sosa represented being Afro-Latino and the challenges we face growing up in a world that deems your complexion to be less than beautiful. A world, let’s not ignore, where even family members judge you for your complexion, the way you wear your hair, who you date.

SammyWhen Dominicans and the Internet think of Sammy Sosa it’s an automatic comedy show. If it’s not that he looks like Pepto Bismol it’s that he looks like Neapolitan Ice Cream. It’s what the Internet does; it takes a person and automatically makes them a meme. It’s funny. I laugh. It’s a joke…but it also isn’t.

The Internet gets a hard-on for breaking you down but it doesn’t get a hard-on for building you back up. The easy thing to do is laugh at the memes, but that does nothing to advance the conversation. This piece helps shed some light on some of the root causes of colorism and race in communities of color.

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