The South Bronx is changing. New developments are emerging, and they’re bringing an influx of new people with them. A slew of brand new restaurants, a luxury coffee shop, and a hotel have already arrived, and there are a plethora of skyscrapers on the rise. News articles have done their fair share to cover residential fears of gentrification and its effect on the community.

peopleHowever, the South Bronx has been plagued with social issues for decades now, and they haven’t stemmed from people beginning to move into the district. Though crime has decreased and there have been signs of positive change, these economic and social challenges have mostly been unaddressed throughout the years.  As self-described content warriors, The Blox TV team grabbed their cameras and a microphone and took to the streets to offer an open platform for residents to express the concerns they face freely. To no surprise, we met individuals of all ages and colors expressing their desire to see improvement in a community full of hope, potential, and strong bonds. Issues that arise include struggles with law enforcement, bad parenting, and a lack of social services for the youth, the mentally ill and those released from prisons.