Our planet has experienced defeats: Donald Trump planning to ban the DACA program, Labor Day weekend claims eight lives- Chicago (7) and New York (1) and death toll rise due from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, destroying Texas last weekend. The category four hurricane made its August 25 arrival and landfall occurred the next day, the 26th. A possible event coming out from the eruption of natural disasters and catastrophe, the view of  2017 Solar Eclipse appeared August 21, 2017, for approximately from three to four hours varying from each continent.

Capture of Solar Eclipse 2017










The view of the Solar Eclipse was the main topic of conversation on all social media outlets for the past two weeks until the news of hurricane season.


Hurricane Season

The comfortable seasons of Summer and Fall are indeed joyful but it’s also the season for natural disasters to arrive. A total of six hurricanes have occurred from the Atlantic this year: Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia . The three musketeers: Harvey, Irma and Katia are powerful, causing millions of dollars of damages, death and chaos throughout the North and South American continents.

Hurricane Harvey- August 25-28

The storm started a slow approach as a brief tropical storm. The Weather Channel reports:

Aug. 17- That disturbance finally formed into Tropical Storm Harvey east of the Lesser Antilles. Those islands experienced locally heavy rain and gusty winds as Harvey passed through.

Aug. 19- Harvey succumbed to dry air and unfavorable winds aloft in the eastern Caribbean, and the National Hurricane Center ceased advisories.


Aug. 23-The remnants of Harvey continued to push northwest for several days and eventually crossed Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Once its remnants moved back over water in the southwest Gulf of Mexico, Harvey quickly reformed into a tropical depression.

Aug. 25- In just 56 hours, Harvey grew from a regenerated tropical depression over the Gulf of Mexico into a Category 4 hurricane as it made landfall near the Texas Gulf Coast.

Aug. 25 continued: Rockport, a town of fewer than 10,000 people and about 30 miles up the Texas coast from Corpus Christi. Maximum sustained winds in Harvey’s eyeball were 130 mph at that time, making it a Category 4, Harvey was the nation’s first major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricane landfall since Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in October 2005, an almost 12-year run. It was the slow movement from Aug. 26-30 that led to the catastrophic flooding that was observed in southeast Texas.

Aftermath of Harvey


Volunteers save dog from Hurricane Harvey floods

This overview of this reported was surprising and devastating. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey left Houston underwater with 70 billion dollar damages, abandoned/sacred animals and 65 lives perished including: A texas mom, 41 year old Beaumont resident saved infant daughter from Harvey’s flood on the interstate. A family suffers a loss: the family of late Tejano singer Selena also perished in Harvey waters.  Manuel Saldivar, 84, his spouse Belia, 81, and great-grandchildren Devy Saldivar, 16, Dominique Saldivar, 14, Xavier Saldivar, 8 and Daisy Saldivar, 6 died as they were swept away by flood waters . Manuel’s son, Sammy Saldivar, was the only person to survive the attempt to seek higher ground during the flooding. This is a tragedy.


Hurricane Irma September 6- Present

Another hurricane, Category 5 Irma made its way towards the Caribbean. This past Wednesday, the female hurricane ripped through the small island of Barbuda located by Antigua, killing a two-year old and destroying the entire island. Yesterday, Irma headed up north to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, leaving millions without power and damaged homes. This weekend, Hurricane Irma will be heading for its target, Florida increasing havoc and paranoia among the residents. Hurricane Irma is expecting to hit Florida on Saturday.


Governor Rick Scott on Hurricane Irma: “This thing’s coming; It looks like it’s going to go right through the middle of our state.”

Florida Governor Scott’s calls a state of emergency 

Hurricanes Jose and Katia

As Hurricane Irma is actively bringing destruction up North, two more Hurricanes will be a problem. Hurricanes Jose and Katia follow closely behind Irma to join in on the pathway to destruction. Radar and news all over are keeping track of their whereabouts.

Hurricane Jose- CNN reports: Hurricane Jose strengthened to an “hazardous” Category 4 storm Friday, with maximum sustained winds near 150 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. Jose will make landfall this weekend, following Irma’s path.

Hurricane Katia- The current category 1 hurricane slowly reaches into the Gulf of Mexico. An update from U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC):  By mid-morning, Katia was 160 miles (255 km) east of the port of Tampico, with maximum sustained winds of 100 mph (155 km per hour), making the storm a Category 2 hurricane.

What’s causing this Mayhem?

Discipline Luke

Many people including myself ask this question: Why is this happening? Three Hurricanes happening all at once? Some people believe the new testament verse: 21:25-26