Not long ago, we made a video titled “Condoms, Needles, and Poop WTF??!!” which describe the horror of walking the pedestrian walkway between Harlem and the South Bronx. And yes, it is filled with the above on a regular base. But there’s more. The bridge acts as a shelter to a growing number of homeless, a side motel to street walkers, an outhouse to the random individual on the run, a favorite spot for cheaply produced, alcohol infused music videos, and a drive in lunch and nap lot to littering EMT’s and other mobilized professions.


If you just pulled a stunk face thinking about the above paragraph, you’re on point. We’ve been tweeting the DOT, continually calling 311, and attempted to rally some of the local folks to help with managing the disaster, but without much luck.

Enter, Michael Brady and Third Avenue Bid.
Michael is the Executive Director for the BID, a South Bronx resident, and a rising star in the community leadership. He possesses vast experience in all things local government and an impressive speed dial list.








The BID or Business Improvement District, a public-private partnership governed by a Board of Directors and derives its revenue from an annual assessment on all real property located within its boundaries, promotes the growth, vitality, and visibility of the commercial corridor. The organization serves over 200,000 individuals daily with a mission is to keep one of NYC’s most trafficked shopping districts clean, safe, and attractive to businesses, workers, community residents, and visitors.


bridgeThe BID, lead by Mr. Brady, has been monumental in assisting and consulting the formation of the South Bronx Alliance, a local business improvement organization with intending on becoming a local bid covering Bruckner Blvd and the lower parts of 138th st. In addition to the tedious but crucial paperwork, grant writing, legal documentation, blah blah, the team understands the importance of activating the community, feet on the ground. They have been orchestrating a few key events to take place throughout the remainder of 2017, in partnership with BLOX NYC, EDIBLE BRONX, BRONX EATS, SOUTH BRONX FARMERS MARKET, and FIT BRONX.



On October 7th and 21st, we will gather a group of locals to power wash the bridge, clean the passages, safe proof both walkways and underpasses, and beautify the surrounding. We will also document the process and share it with city and borough officials, and local developers/ business owners. The cleanup will culminate with an OCTOBER 22nd BLOCK PARTY under the bridge where we will celebrate our strong and active community with a clean and safe Third Ave bridge, great food dished by a dozen restaurants, great music, street activation, health education, and lot and lot of fun.

So, save the date. OCTOBER 22nd. More info to come soon.