A Super Merger, A Killer Deal

By Lianna Remigio
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A couple weeks ago, the “Cheeto-in-Chief” allowed the merger of the largest food & drug conglomerates in the world. This mega deal may reshape the world’s food supply, and may kill us.

Bayer, the go to aspirin brand, is a global powerhouse in the pharmaceutical industry that is going to take over Monsanto in a $66 billion deal.

Most people remember Monsanto as the evil GMO food corporation from the documentary “Food Inc” which exposes the unethical business practices of corporate food farming. It is currently the leading producer of genetically modified seeds and herbicides.

The corporation is no stranger to legal troubles. It is currently involved in a lawsuit filed by a group of farmers alleging that glyphosate — the main ingredient in the household herbicide, RoundUp — caused their cancer. Glyphosate has also been linked to the Zika virus. Things got worse when a California lawsuit revealed that Monsanto had doctored the science of a study to prevent the U.S. Government from assessing its product’s safety.

With the Don’s blessing, the merged corporation now owns about 29% of the global seed market and 25% of the global pesticide market treading the narrow edge of being a trust/ ”agribusiness”

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]But how does this merger really threaten the Bronx?[/blockquote]

Believe it or not, our borough ranks dead last in New York state for health. With fast food and junk food on every corner low income communities tend to be the biggest consumers of fast food and the smallest consumers of organic foods.

But that’s not necessarily our fault. Not only is it difficult to find healthy options in Bronx but it’s even harder to afford it. The average price for a family sized bag of chips is around $3.50 versus price of a bag of apples, $4.44. Often times for a low income family, it’s just more cost effective to buy McDonald’s a couple times a week rather than buy the ingredients to cook a meal. Most often, the price of organic and GMO free foods is way out the budget for these families, and are forced to go to the alternative, and cheaper route of Monsanto made goods.

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]What can we do?[/blockquote]


It’s scary to think that a company like Monsanto could mislead it’s consumers and exploit customer finances for their own profit. Now, with this merger, the company has even more money to avoid legal troubles and continue their shady practices (under a new name).

But we in the Bronx can protect ourselves. Many people are unaware that most local Farmers markets accept EBT and WIC as payment for their produce. Shopping at a farmers market is a great way to make safe food choices for our bodies.

Visit your local farmer’s market soon and protect yourself from this “killer deal”.[/three_fourth]