By: Jovanna Romero

 A year and eleven days (376) later, the streak of preventing gun violence in the West Bronx has ended. On Sunday, July 23, a shooting at Rulay Lounge on Jerome Avenue in Fordham Heights left a man injured from a gunshot wound due to an attempted robbery.  The group, Bronx Rises against Gun Violence (BRAG) and the NYPD 46th Precinct teamed up to create a non-gun violence plan to decrease shootings in one of the borough’s high crime risen areas. The West Bronx section, including Fordham Heights is the center of vicious shootings within a two year period.  The project started in late 2016 to make the section a safe free zone especially for children being outdoors when summer approaches.


The crime scene of Christopher Duran, 14 (left) shooting victim in 44th Precinct location 2014

The breakout of gun violence surrounds the 41st, 44th, and 46th precincts, escalating since 2014. A 2015 article, Shootings on the Rise in The Bronx’s 41st, 44th and 46th Precincts explains the widespread of gun violence crimes and victims. May 2015, Christopher Duran– a 14-year-old fell victim to gun violence as he was murdered heading to school in the 44th Precinct territory because of gang affiliation. The killer, Travis Bloch was arrested and charged for murder.  The article notes from the NYPD, the location where the rate of shooting victims have increased: 41st Precinct at 80 percent, 46th Precinct at 52.2 percent and the 44th Precinct at the highest, 155.6 percent.


The group BRAG’s mission is not only stopping gun violence but offer opportunities to fellow Bronxities to make better choices  and contribute to the borough. In June, the 2nd annual Gun Violence Awareness Month occurred. New York City’s Council member, Andy King held an anti-gun violence rally/prayer march at the intersection of White Plains Road and Gun Hill Road. The event widened awareness and solutions to stop overall violence in the city. The council member told We have to go back to [the African proverb] ‘it takes a village to raise a child’… If you see something happening that looks off you must address it.” The message was loud and clear throughout the Bronx to take care of its own.  


News 12 Bronx Segment- 376-day streak without shootings ends in Fordham Heights