By: Jovanna Romero

A six-way expressway named “The Sheridan Expressway” has now a project of an upcoming infrastructure. The expressway, located in the heart of the South Bronx is under siege of being removed to decrease chaos, pollution and populated issues in nearby sections. Residents are on board of getting rid of the expressway.

On Sunday, July 24, 2017- a reasonable budget for demolishing the Sheridan Expressway will cost 1 million dollars to tear down the one-mile transportation hub. For decades, the accessible travel expansion has served the Manhattan and Long Island locations. Its history expands longer than its mile stretch to NYC.


History & Planning

The highway was completely built in 1963 to give smoother access through the South Bronx, New York City and Long Island sections instead of traveling onto other New York’s congested traffic entries (Whitestone, Hutchison and Bronx River Parkway).

According to the New York Times in 1999, the Sheridan Expressway was a waste of construction and caused pollution throughout sections of the expressway- including Hunts Point. The idea of the Sheridan Expressway removal has been transparent until March 2017 when New York City governor, Andrew M. Cuomo decided to take action to dissolve the expressway.

Cuomo’s initial budget: a previous allocation of $97 million, toward the first phase of totaling the cost of a $1.8 billion project. including a added amount of $600 million, to create a boulevard “Sheridan Boulevard” with landscaped medians and at least two crosswalks (McGeehan 2017).

Overall, the project to remove the expressway is not yet scheduled. The construction of demolishing a depending traffic passage is difficult to take apart without back and forth traffic of market distributors and travel commuters migrating between the lower New York City area and tristate.  The majority of New York residents and government are in favor of removing the Sheridan Expressway but some questions will arise: Will traffic become more chaotic after a one-mile cutout from travel commute or prepping better safety of New York becoming less cluttered on highways?