Private Desk. Photo: Bronx Flex Space

When two co-working spaces opened up in the Bronx five months apart in the same neighborhood separated by only a few blocks, it was a clear sign of improvement. 149th Street in the South Bronx known as our “downtown,” has been going through a slow but steady revitalization. The massive La Central Housing development, the Roberto Clemente Plaza, Triangle Plaza, Bronx Coworking Space, and more recently Bronx Flex Space are just the beginning of what’s happening at the Hub.

What used to be John’s Boxing Gym on the 3rd floor of 452 E. 149th Street is now an extremely affordable co-working space tailor made to attract local entrepreneurs, artists, or someone who simply needs a quiet place to work away from home. The windows at the front of Bronx Flex Space allows natural light to brighten up the rooms while keeping out the noise from one of the busiest neighborhoods in The Bronx. Glass separates each shared and meeting space with each room displaying a unique art piece hanging on the wall. The wooden floors still show battle scars from its former days as a boxing gym. Personally, I hope it doesn’t get polished. It’s a neat reminder of its previous life. Surrounded by plants and portraits, you have to be careful you don’t get too comfortable on the black leather chairs at the front of the space. Otherwise, a nap could sneak up on you.

Lounge area. Photo: Bronx Flex Space

Bronx Flex Space owned by Evangelina Sosa opened its doors in May 2017. Kimberly Wynters, the Director of Marketing and Media, sat down with the Bronx Pulse to tell us more.

How did you get involved with Bronx Flex Space?

I was a tax preparer at the owner’s other business Bronx Tax. When the season was completed they took myself and my colleague out to lunch and asked if I would step in as the Director of Marketing and Media, as she is the general manager.

What was attractive about the South Bronx? There is a tremendous amount of foot traffic, and it is very accessible by public transportation. You can take three subways, and so many bus lines go through here.

Who are your customers? Start up businesses, at home workers, OCIA holds workshops here, and now The Bx Arts Factory will use our space for staff meetings.

You’re the second coworking space to open in the neighborhood. Do you feel this will attract similar companies to The South Bronx? I believe if we are successful others will follow.

Where do you hope to see Bronx Flex Space 3 years from now? We want to make this accessible to the point where we are the leading coworking space in The Bronx.

What are your plans for Bronx Flex Space? We want to provide services for artists, give them a space to work and offer them the chance to auction off their work.

What are your feelings about The Bronx and its resurgence? The Bronx has its flavor, and we’re proud, look at us we are a minority woman-owned business. Getting into co-working has shown me how far we can take The Bronx. People are starting to see its value.

For more information visit their website and follow them on Instagram @bronxflexspace