Comedian Kevin Hart gave his heart and soul to bring help the city of Houston after the weekend devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  Hart donated 50,000.  Two days ago from Instagram, he created a “Donate for Hurricane Harvey” victims calling all celebrities to take part to help in the aftermath.  Celebrities P.Diddy and  The Rock accepted his challenge to donate.


Hart gave a kindful quote to Vibe magazine of progress to his campaign: “We’re almost at $1 million from 48 hours of donations, people,” The Jumanji actor captioned.”I can’t tell you how much your support means. When we as people come toegther we can do amazing things. Love and positivity will always win. Let’s show all of the victims of Hurricane Harvey that they are loved and that they have our support.”


The Phildelphia comedian and actor influenced many people and was praised for his efforts of caring for Havrey victims on his twitter account.

Other people including Houston natives: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Issah Washington and Paul Wall have contrubite to their city finanically and along with kindhearted words about the disaster:










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Celebrites Tribute to Harvey victims