In the 1980s, Human Immunodeficiency Virus – (HIV) / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) became an epidemic in the United States predominantly in the West Coast. Icons like: Easy-E, Pedro Zamora, and famous AID’s activist /artist Keith Harding have succumbed to this illness which shortened their young and talented lives.

Today September 22, BCC news announced a possible new testing to slow down the strength of the life-threating duo disease. The new site article “New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains” by health and science reporter, James Gallagher explains the progress of update research to cure HIV/AIDS of a French Pharmaceutical company Sanofi. The Paris based company reveals their tactics of their research and work to attach the strain which creates the AIDs symptoms.

The article reveals Sanofi work analysis:

The International Aids Society said it was an “exciting breakthrough.” Human trials will start in 2018 to see if it can prevent or treat the infection.

Our bodies struggle to fight HIV because of the virus’ incredible ability to mutate and change its appearance.

Confident to find a cure for HIV

Dr. Gary Nabel, the chief scientific officer at Sanofi confidently tells BCC news, “We’re getting 99% coverage, and getting coverage at deficient concentrations of the antibody.” Although this is great news, over 3 million people worldwide live with HIV / AID causing half of the people to demise terminally and fatally.

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