Do you want to know how fucked up things are nowadays in the South Bronx? I give you – The Third Ave Bridge.

The bridge is a pedestrian route, connecting The Bronx to Manhattan. It is plagued with- right in front of our frickin’ faces- prostitution, homelessness, and hardcore drug use that litters the walkway, the nearby playground, and both underpasses: used condoms, human feces, and needles.



You heard me: the bridge is littered with condoms, human feces, and needles.


bridgeBut this is the dilemma; The Bronx government doesn’t have the budget to clean this mess up. The police ignore broad daylight pimping. The housing authority doesn’t give a damn about the homeless invading the underpasses. The Mayor’s office is passing it around like an unwanted adopted child. The DOT defers concerned parents to the purgatory that is a 311 hotline. The South Bronx community is too busy making minimum wage and alternately fighting Freshdirect. And the wealthy developers that are building around embrace the attitude of ‘once bitten twice shy’ with gentrification being called out following every move they make.

What about us? Those who cross the bridge to go to work/school/practice every day? It seems like everyone else knows what we want better than us, and they will fight tooth and nail over that, without asking us, of course.

Hashtag This Sucks!

So, Fuck that noise. Take things in your hands and be loud till someone picks up the trash. Literally.

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