What’s the story behind NYC’s biggest feud – the Cuomo – de Blasio beef?

You see it everywhere, Hip Hop, Hollywood., politics, family dinners, you name it. The most trending beef at the moment is McGregor vs. Mayweather but there’s one that affects everything from the schools and education of NYC, to food consumption and solutions to homelessness and infrastructure. 

Recently, tensions settled as the two came together to secure DeBlasio’s mayoral control of city schools; something that looks good on both of their resumes. So while we’re in this resting period, let’s travel through the timeline of The Governor of New York and the Mayor of New York City’s feud for those less familiar.

Beef between mayors and governors has always been an issue, specifically in NY, but now at a time when all liberals should be standing up to Trump, these two are too busy squabbling. 2017 is DeBlasio’s election year while 2018 is Cuomo’s, though the two will be on their best behavior, for now, it’s only a matter of time