The chances of such program passing legislation are as good as an Anthony Wiener’s 2020 presidential campaign. None!
I read four comprehensive articles about the subject, and when I say 4 I mean 2. The bottom line is, that though a government-run single-payer-health-care system providing insurance coverage to all Americans sounds amazing, this shit ain’t happening.


Sanders wants to make sure that Americans don’t pay out of pocket when they visit the doctor. He wants us to have a coverage package that is more generous than even Canada and Norway has, by including eye and dental care and no deductible. He claims that the reduced administrative waste caused by having to deal with thousand of insurers in the current system will counter the increased cost of his Medicare-for-all plan.


Sounds good, right? Here’s the thing:

1. Sanders still hasn’t explained how we are going to pay for that.
2. Most Dems are not close to even considering such a leftie concept, especially those up for reelection in red states.
3. Should we even mention enormous tax increase? *see #1
4. Insurers, drug companies, and all their ‘beneficiaries’ will put up a bloody fight

Bernie understands that and says: “Nobody has all the answers. What I can say is we are going to be listing some revenue-raising proposals, which will generate more than enough money to pay for what we want to do.”  The idea sounds great, though the timing, cost, and the support don’t. I, personally, think that Bernie knows what he is doing, why he is doing it, and more importantly, why now.


Think about it; Trump uses a simple, yet brilliant tactic consistently – move the status quo so far to your direction and force your opponent to compromise well in your territory. We’ve seen it in every move he made, including, of course, The Obamacare. If anyone in D.C is smart enough to realize that – It’s Sanders, understanding, that if you want to leave things where they are, at least until we relieve ourselves of president-num-nut in 2020, you have to pull a hard left, so you can end up where you’ve started.



Make sense? Once again, Bernie is a mofo’ing gangsta!

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