Last Tuesday night, we had a experience that will be forever added to the history books of THE BRONX and HIP-HOP.  The Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. & Windows of Hip Hop co-hosted The second annual Hip-Hop Element Awards in the Port Morris section of the South Bronx. The night honored pioneers of Hip-Hop for pushing the culture forward and using its influence to give back to the community.

The honorees for the night: Swizz Beatz, Big Daddy Kane, Mellie Mel, Doug E. Fresh, and “Street Soldiers” reporter, Lisa Evers. The legend, DJ Kool Red Alert received The Element Awards Lifetime Achievement Award.

Seeing two spotlights shining as we pulled up in our Uber should have been the first indicator of how historic a night it would be. We pulled our equipment into Pier 123, a rustic lounge located in The Bronx Black House, filled with camera crews, local bloggers, and a DJ serenading the crowd with the sounds of 90's & early 00's Hip-hop. Bronx Brewery beers and a buffet including pasta dishes & pernil were complimentary (and delicious.) Then the night took off.

Melissa Libran, CEO of Windows of Hip Hop & Ruben Diaz, Jr. took the stage to share their hip-hop influences and iterate the role  Hip-Hop played in them standing on a stage. The honorees followed; three decades of pioneers took the stage, accepting awards and delivering speeches while the crowd took photos & shared the moments on social media feeds.


The night commenced in the announcement of a Bronx Hip -Hop Hall of Fame Tower, shaped like a microphone being constructed on top of The Black House. The tower will also house a Windows of Hip Hop School.


To learn more about Windows of Hip Hop, visit:


Defining New York City's character ain't easy. We're made up of 5 boroughs sprinkled with over 8 million people of drastically different values, ethnicities, and mindsets. That's how we all knew the walking, talking blobfish was full of sh*t when he spoke about our "values." Anyone from here knows we are far off from having one value system, despite being known by the whole world as a progressive, liberal crockpot. Fuckouttahere! fuckouttahere

According to Quora, there are anywhere between 250-300 neighborhoods in New York City. BUT there's only one singular thing that we all have in common: WE ALL KNOW WE LIVE IN THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!! Well, at least that's the thought process of us real New Yorkers.But what determines the pureness of a New Yorker? What are the aspects that define us as  "most true" in a city with an infinite amount of things to experience and even more things to be interested in?

Is the native who can recite every stop on the subway map in alphabetical order while sleeping the most New York?fuckouttahere Or is it the transplant who has given up their comfortable lifestyle in a two-story mid-western home to sublet a three bedroom apartment with five roommates and a dog? Maybe it's the immigrant who made their way here through a ship that passed through Ellis Island and worked for the next 40 years to provide a comfortable life for their family that creates the definition of what's MOST New York?

There was only way to find out. So we sent our crew to Union Square, one of NYC'S headquarters for cultural exchange and surveyed New Yorkers on a variety of subjects to find out what the majority of us would claim as Most New York?

The categories were as followed:







Check out what we learned:


Let's start off by saying this: CULTURAL APPROPRIATION EXISTS! It is a real thing that consistently happens and decades of art have provided us proof. Think Short Circuit 2. Think the Vegan Durag. Nicki Minaj provided an excellent example of the issue when she addressed the use of hip-hop and black culture in this year’s New York Fashion WeekNicki stated after a performance at Phillip Plein's NYFW Show: 

"Designers get really big and really rich off of our culture, and then you don't see a motherfucker that look anything like us in the front row half the time."


Fashion designers regularly adopt items from "hip-hop" and "black" culture, relabel it and profit. Think Boxer Braids. We see you.

However, talking about the "borrowing of culture" in a country that is built off the blending of cultures is a complex conversation and words like "racist, " and "thief" get flimsily thrown around in discussions about pop culture. Pop, short for popular, is built off bringing an exchange of relatable sounds and ideas to a wider audience. Dare I mention - sampling.

We shouldn't take out the pitchforks every time Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber drops a song that has a hip-hop influence, well mostly because - hip-hop is the most popular genre in the world, and all artists, being artists, are inspired by it. That's not racism, that's the creation of the process.

That's not racism, that's the process of creation.

If we become The Society That Screamed Racism, we're going to lose way more than a sheep.


In the Bronx, 30% of children live under the poverty line and our community is plagued by obesity, diabetes and undernourishment. In 2015, we were named the unhealthiest of 62 districts in NYC for the 6th year in a row, prompting Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. to establish the #Not62 hashtag and create a partnership with Montefiore and the Department of Health to combat the health disparities.

Lily Kesselman, a Mott Haven resident, mother and wedding photographer, was also tired of the lack of healthy options available near her home. After taking an Urban Farming class with Just Food's Farm School NYC, she and a few neighbors decided they would help play a role in the battle against the Bronx's health crises by offering the one thing the Bronx has been missing: options.

In 2014, The South Bronx Farmers Market was created, offering affordable, local produce to residents once a week. For the first time, farmers and community gardens from around the city were able to connect directly to the consumers of the South Bronx face-to-face.

Farmers market

Since it's opening, the market has grown as part of the community and has been able to expand; it's now open two days a week and offers tutorials and educational programming to local children and families.

The South Bronx Farmers Market is located on 138th Street, between Willis and Alexander Avenues on Wednesdays & Saturdays from 10am-4pm. The season ends on November 22nd.

Visit the website:

nuclear war



This year, North Korea has already fired 18 missiles tests, and responses from Trump have been filled with threats and aggression. So, ya know what that means? We're fucked! It's time to grab your water canteens, ponchos, and hatchets before impending nuclear war turns life, as we know it, into a Book Of Eli - Mad Max sequel

So how does one go about creating a nuclear survival kit? What are the priorities? Does one only pack survival tools or pack a batch of items that bring joy while on the dusted roads? What's more important: having a large bag of necessities or traveling light? We're not sure, so we created a list of 20 possible items and asked New Yorkers to choose the five they NEEDED to have with them.

Our list:

  • Condoms
    • Cause who wants to bring more children into this world.
  • Game of Thrones (Book series)
    • Cause when else are you going to have the time to read it?
  • Solar panel underwear
    •  Cause you need energy in all the right places.
  • Fidget spinners  
    • Just cause.
  • Noise canceling headphones 
    • Cause you’ll need something to help ignore your family in that closed off bunker.
  • Reusable toilet paper
    • Cause when the world goes to shit...
  • Nail Clipper 
    • Cause society is over, but you’re not an animal.
  • Porn Playing Cards
    • Cause sometimes you need to play while you play.
  • Permanent Markers.
    • Cause ya know.. They smell nice.
  • Spam
    • Cause what other foods will survive the apocalypse.
  • Astronaut/Space Food
    • Cause astronauts know how to survive.
  • ToothBrush + Toothpaste Kit -
    • Cause ya breath stinks.
  • Machete
    • Cause it’s the quintessential Apocalypse item.
  • Water Purifier
    • Cause clear water is the quintessential life item.
  • Rope 
    • Cause whether, for fun or hobby, you’ll need to tie something up.
  • Needle & Thread
    • Cause clothes, and skin.
  • Coffee
    • Cause even at the end of the world; you need Bustelo.
  • Butane Stove
    • Cause hot food bro!
  • Flares
    • Cause if there is any chance of being found, this is it.
  • Band-Aids
    • Cause I’m stuck on Band-aids and Band-aids stuck on me.

What's in your kit?


The Bronx isn't known for its flowers, but it should be. From the Botanical Garden to Pelham Bay Park to Crotona Park to Co-Op City, we got varieties of flora to fawn over. Verde Flowers is a staple in the flower industry and another Bronx gem that gets more than slept on. Located, at the foot of the Third Avenue Bridge on Bruckner Boulevard, the storefront has been servicing local communities and others around New York State for over ten years. flowers

Thousands of cars pass by the shop every day as they cross the bridge to enter Harlem or take the FDR to settle in Manhattan or Brooklyn but few experience it from the inside. The shop works as a part-prep station for employees and also as a boutique with flower styles offered, as well as a variety of handmade decor that combines the urban aesthetic with floral design.



Mike Gonzalez, is co-owner and creative director of the Mott Haven flower shop. He's a Bronx native with over 20 years of experience in floral design and event decor. The Blox crew sat down with Mike to hear stories about the origin of Verde Flowers, how the neighborhood has changed since the shop's opening and what he hopes for the future.

Follow Verde Flowers on Instagram and Facebook.


"We want to be the compass that helps men of color navigate those journeys.” Jason Rosario stated in an interview with this past June. He was explaining  the impact  a lack of authenticity and vulnerability in a digital landscape had had on men of color and how he's like to counteract it. It's a perfect sentence to summarize the intention of The Lives of Men, an integrated media + lifestyle website, founded by Jason, this past January. Their intention is to focus on chronicling positive and diverse stories of men in color.

The Lives of Men

As the oldest of 5 children, raised by a single mother in the Bronx, Jason has always been a leader and he's now utilizing those skills to help lead the next generation of young men. He hopes the website can serve inspiration and instruction while providing tools not afforded to him while growing up. The website's name symbolizes the complexity of being a back man in America in 2017.  Jason stresses the importance of featuring stories as diverse as the variety of experiences of all men of color and the importance of men being self-aware and in tune with their emotions in an environment that is inclusive to women and the LGBTQ community.





The Lives of MenSo what's on the mind of a black man who has dedicated himself to improving the perception of men of color in a racially tense America in 2017? We asked him. His response: Jay-Z's "4:44" and letting go "because at the end of the day, shit is not that serious."


Check out The Lives of Men and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



DrafthouseWhat are the two things that The Bronx & Paris have in common? Being notoriously known for a variety of exceptional foods and inspiring art. This Wednesday, the worlds will collide at The Bronx Drafthouse, a local bar/restaurant located up the block from Yankee Stadium, known for its craft beer, burgers, and delicious sides. The drafthouse will be hosting a meet and greet with the international photographer, Matteo Pellegrinuzzi and feature his "The Bronx/ La Villette" exhibit.




MatteoMatteo is a Paris-based still photographer whose work has been featured throughout France and Italy, alike. In his newest exhibit, he created a series of photos featuring local people from both The Bronx and La Vilette in Paris. The images give a glimpse into the contrast of cultures, traditions, and histories of the world-renowned locations.

The exhibit opens on Wednesday, September 6th, at 5 pm and will offer a unique menu that represents both of the photographed locations:

The Bronx: Bronx Burger & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax

Paris: Croque Monsieur & French Fries + Bronx Based Draft Beer $14.95 pp + Tax


Stop by The Bronx Drafthouse for an evening of art, food, beer and cultural fusion.

The Bronx Draft HouseMatteo Pellagrinuzzi


Even if you're knee deep into the current events happening in our country; it's hard to keep up. From Russia to North Korea to Charlottesville: more is going on than can be digested at a reasonable rate. The toddler-like attention span of President Trump and the media doesn't help the situation. We are here to help, however.


Recently, The New York Times published a draft report by scientists of 13 federal agencies concluding that Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change. DUH!!!! The extinction of our favorite seasons of "spring" and "fall" has been proof that the patterns of the world's temperature is changing...rapidly.

But do most people have the ability to explain what global warming is and why it's detrimental to our planet's future🤔? Doubt it😁. If you are one of the few people who saw An Inconvenient Truth and therefore, understand the changes occurring. Are you savvy enough to explain it to your uninformed elders? How about the herds of naysayers sitting on your friend's list? If your response is no - don't fret, big-little brother, pSwitch sat down and explained all the science, in a "slightly scientific way." Now, you can skip the research process and get right to tagging your friends.

Moral of the story: CLIMATE CHANGE! BAD!!

Maybe if the report explained it in a language that our President could understand, he'd finally acknowledge the facts.trump


How do you celebrate the end of an era of rock & roll, underage drinking, sex on the dance-floor and kids from Long Island tripping balls, aka every Thursday at Webster Hall? MORE DRUGS, DRINKING & TRYING TO GET LAID, OF COURSE!!!  

Webster Hall Action BronsonOh, and you invite Action Bronson “and friends” out too. Blox.NYC headed to the famous independent nightclub, Webster Hall, for its final show. The day may have been the ”End of an Era” but it didn’t play out too different than any other day at the venue. Kids stood on line drinking four lokos, tripping off of mushrooms and trying to cop coke in the middle of the afternoon. #TypicalNYCshit.  There was no Jay-Z appearance like some concertgoers hoped for. No mob of people chasing down Kanye West’s car as he passed by the venue either. Just one final night of hooking up with strangers and making new stories with friends. And trust us, we got some stories!!



Webster Hall Action BronsonAction Bronson’s friends turned out to be, Florida rapper “Wifisfuneral,” who opened up the show. He also brought out “F*ck That’s Delicious” co-star, Mayhem Lauren and Shady Record’s newest signee’s Conway & Westside Gunn. No Kanye but satisfying, to say the least.  We bid you farewell Webster Hall! Everybody in NYC has a story about not making the best decisions in your quarters, and if they don't, they're part of the reason you're gone.


THERE IS AN ART FORM TO THE PERFECT SELFIE! Don't believe me, ask the Kardashians and their horde of makeup wearing sheep... or just any millennial.  In 2017, Instagram is the new business card, therefore making theCome On Sis, Selfie selfie, one of the most useful tools in branding. Employment recruiters spend their time on social media scrolling through pictures of faces to find someone who represents their company's values, while strangers sit on toilets swiping through face after face until they deem one acceptable! Let's face it! It's a vain world we live in and how you showcase that face is important. That's why everybody needs a friend like Ashley in their life; someone to guide you through the harder to navigate parts. In her last video, she called out the fuckboys, scammers and told you the 5 guys to stay away from. This time around, Ms. #ComeOnSis hits you with 3 tips to ensure your selfie game is always on point. Whether it's for the dudes sliding into ya DM's or just to add to your personal face collection sitting in your camera roll.


ComeOnSis, Selfie


  1. Lighting
  2. Angles
  3. Location



Orchard Beachbeach was once considered "The Riviera of New York City." Over the last few decades,  it's been known more for its trash, unpleasant smell, and dirty water than it is the only beach in The Bronx. Over the last few years, that perspective is changing again, however. That can be credited to  J. Lo's famous return to the Bronx in 2014, where she performed on the beach and brought out Fat Joe & Ja Rule and to the Borough President's office hard work of producing more family-friendly events, such as the Summer Music 2017 event and the Bronx Concert Summer Series.


BeachBut is it enough to change the minds of people who vowed they would never step foot there? No, that's what heroes are for. That's why we called our favorite hero, Richard Washington (aka HQ)  to throw his suit back on and take his unknown powers down to the beach and speed up the clean-up process. We were all surprised when he found the new special power of... SALSA!








Armaghetto is an animation series for the adult that worry about what the future look hold for us.

AnimationMeet James White: a friend, an artist, musician, and creator of the "Armaghetto" series.  Armaghetto is set in a dystopian future where Donald Trump is still president and gentrification has gone too far. The first episode, La Bruja, is centered around Omari, a Dominican man living in the Bronx who wakes up late for work after an ominous dream.

His series is inspired by the developmental changes the Bronx, specifically, the 10454 neighborhood, is experiencing currently.


Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of change[Note 1] by means of the rapid succession of sequential images that minimally differ from each other. The illusion—as in motion pictures in general—is thought to rely on the phi phenomenon and beta movement, but the exact causes are still unclear.

There are some forms of animation that do not feature a rapid succession of sequential images, but these are usually not considered to be "true" or "full" animation. For instance, the physical movement of image parts through simple mechanics in magic lantern slides and the movement of the projector (the magic lantern) in phantasmagoria provided popular moving picture shows.


NYCFC choked.There's no nice way to say it. They choked and allowed four goals at home. Ouch! There have been a lot of comments about the players, managements, and the coaching staff; all have some justification, I'm sure, but the bottom line is, SHIT HAPPENS. Teams get into a bad day, make careless mistakes and before you know it, you lose. We've seen it before. Damn, we've been there before.
We know that:
1. Yangel Herrera is going to be missed greatly when his loan spell ends, and NYCFC will have the difficult task of replacing him.
2. Pirlo's body finally realized he has been playing soccer for 30 years straight.
3. NYCFC has not lost two games in a row this season, and the bitter 0-4 will be all forgotten when they beat the Red Bulls come 8/6.


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Would you rather? HQ took a trip to the famous Central Park to play a game of "Would you rather...?" Would you rather have drinks with Bill Cosby or Aziz Ansari? Who would win in a fight, Chris Christie or President Obama? Wonder Woman or Oprah? Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood? The game gets even deeper from there...


"Would you rather" is a conversation or party game that poses a dilemma in the form of a question beginning with "would you rather". The dilemma can be between two supposedly good options, such as, "Would you rather have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?", or it can be between two supposedly bad options, as in, "Would you rather sleep with your best friend's lover or your lover's best friend?" The players, sometimes including the questioner, then must choose their answers. Answering "neither" or "both" is against the rules. This leads the players to debate their rationales. In EXTREME cases, the option "suicide" can be used and that player is then out of the game.

In December 2011, BBC America premiered a television show based on the game, titled Would You Rather...? with Graham Norton.[1]