Over the past few months, the internet has been on an all out search for things that bring us together at a time when not much does. The most recent version of this, the solar eclipse, was reasonably successful in distracting us from what the news cycle has turned into since November. Yes, we're at the point of relying on natural phenomenon that only last an afternoon, to unite the country. This has us asking - is there anything we’re actually responsible for that we Americans can agree on?

Roger Goodell thinks so. The numbers don't lie: we, Americans - LOVE FOOTBALL, excluding the recent clashing of opinions on Colin Kaepernick's black balling, the NFL and all that it brings, is usually where a lot of us find common ground, even through rivalries. Jets and Dolphins fans might not agree on much throughout the year - or have any similarities for that matter - but they share the common practice of losing to the Patriots, and that essentially makes them one in the same.

Football season is short and sweet, leading to the biggest sporting event in the world - the Super Bowl, and we all passionately indulge in it week after week. BUT, even more than that, Football season marks the beginning of FANTASY FOOTBALL, the game within the game.

The season begins with all league members setting out on a winner takes all (or most) 17-week-contest leading to a roller coaster of ups and downs. Winning requires that you put in the time, have a bit of skill, footballand benefit from A LOT of luck. This type of competition IS the american way - it’s also a reminder that losing sucks. Like a lot!! As it should! Mostly because you won't hear the end of it - at least until next season.




For those of us that have been playing for a long time, there are only two seasons in the year: Fantasy Football season and rest of the year. Sunday's are holy for the right reasons, your team is an extension of you, and you get to compete with the people you most enjoy talking shit to.

You finally have a purpose; you get to watch your players perform on a weekly basis, play out your pre-season predictions for the world. If they go well, you get to enjoy the ego bump of looking like you know what you’re doing. If things go the other way for you early on, there’s just no real comeback to “how did you draft such a shitty team?”

You get it. Fantasy football is fun as hell, it’s culturally relevant, and it’s getting bigger every year. Join a league, or second, or even third, if you're like me and enjoy it. Just don’t blame me when you lose and the world knows.

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