This summer local artist Ronny Quevedo is sharing his studio at BronxArtSpace with 8 teenagers from the Bronx who are redesigning the awning of nearby Oaxaca-Mexican restaurant, La Morada.

While owner Natalia Mendez and son Marco Saavedra review their drafts as they would any design firm’s, they have also agreed to host any programs the students develop that investigate alternatives to gentrification.

(Ronny Quevedo Siembro Una Rosa Blanca Pa’ Ti 2010. Part of a series of screenprints inspired by bodegas as

cultural sites to express identity and social concerns.)

In fact, that was among the reasons why artist Ronny Quevedo reached out to La Morada to participate in the third iteration of his project Higher Sails. Quevedo, who grew up in the Bronx, originally conceived this project while on residency at Project Row Houses in Houston, Texas. His aim was to amplify the resources already in the community by teaching local youth design skills they can use to raise their voice and contribute to their community–—a goal Quevedo knew La Morada would champion.

Thanks to A Blade of Grass, which is funding the 12-week project, Quevedo was able to bring the project back to his own community in the Bronx.

All are welcome to see the preliminary design for La Morada’s awning as well as other new works by Ronny Quevedo and his fellow residents, Erica Bailey, Melissa Calderón, Cheyenne Julien, Joiri Minaya, and Alexis White at Open Studios on August 26, 5-9pm at BronxArtSpace and the Bruckner Building.


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